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Oy, Gevalt

Mr. Niles tries to get Mrs. Niles to hold the baby. She resists, won't really speak to him, and just covers her ears and hides when the baby starts crying. Bailey, followed by the Chief, watches all of this from the doorway. The Chief grabs Bailey's arm and shuffles her down the hallway. He tells her that she took a lot of crap at the M&M, only some of which was justified. He tells her that regardless of what Savoy thinks, being a parent makes Bailey a better doctor.

Burke continues to do paperwork and gets a tremor in his hand. He stretches his hand for a second and then picks the pen back up. Izzie enters the room and tells him that she just wanted to say hello. He doesn't respond to her. She tells him about the money and asks him if he knew Denny was rich. He didn't know. She starts to babble about the things she might do with the money (like travel), and he shuts her up by saying her name. She tells him she's really, really fine. One broken person to another, he tells her, "You're fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine." He tells her that he got shot and is really not fine, and that her fiancé is dead and that she is really not fine. All right then, nobody's fine. She tells him that she thought of him (Burke) as a friend, and she didn't mean to mess up his life. And then he yells at her for quitting surgery. Burke: "You have two good hands, and you aren't using them. Feel guilty about that." Well, as long as she isn't using them to cut LVAD wires, I think it's kind of a draw on the karmic scale. Izzie leaves.

Pierce and Di are in radiology being scanned with some type of imaging device -- I have no idea what it is. Cristina and Meredith are, um, manipulating the two patients so that Addison can get a clear picture of exactly how the piercing and IUD are intermeshed. The Chief enters the control room with Addison and tells her that he had to get a look at what was going on. And then there's all kinds of lifting and pulling and pushing and swirling. It's supposed to be comical and then Pierce starts moaning. But he's not having an orgasm -- he's having a heart attack. Commercials.

We return to the middle of the code blue on Pierce. Cristina is doing compressions while the Chief examines the patient. He needs immediate surgery, and the cardiothoracic guy on call is already in surgery -- which means that the case will go to Burke. Cristina tries to protect him by noting that he's not "on the board yet" (and I have no idea what that really means), but the Chief doesn't care. Cristina moves to straddle Pierce as they wheel the gurney towards the O.R. I hope she doesn't get stuck on anything.

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