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Addison and McDreamy run into each other in the hallway. She calls out his name, but he stops her and tells her that he's so glad they can be civilized with each other about the divorce. And it seems to me that he's only really civilized when he's getting what he wants -- the rest of the time, he acts like an absolute asshole. And then Addison blurts out that her thing with McSteamy wasn't a one-night stand. She thought she was in love with him and they lived together for two months after McDreamy moved west. Like many a young person who falls in love with the first person he or she sleeps with, she wanted to believe that it wasn't about sex but was about true love. And then she caught McSteamy being a manwhore (i.e., sleeping with someone else), and then she moved west herself. She tells him that since they are both equally at fault, he should take the brownstone. He tells her, "All I want is Seattle. I want Seattle, and I want never to see you again." See, not so civilized. And really, this is the moment that he deserves to be choked.

McDreamy gets on the elevator and finds Meredith there. It seems like these two are always alone on elevators. Do you think people see them and just decide to take the stairs to avoid all the staring and flirting? Meredith starts babbling, telling him that since he's everywhere she goes, she can't avoid telling him about Finn, even though she thought she was being kind and giving him space by not telling him. And I wish that excuse made the tiniest bit of sense to me. But when she actually gets to the part where she tells him that she broke up with Finn, he just says, "Okay." Meredith has no idea what to make of this. And then the elevator doors open and he walks away. Commercials.

In the middle of the commercials, Kate Walsh appears to remind us all that breast cancer is a horrible disease that affects the lives of millions of women (and the people who love them). For more info, check out the website of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Burke (massaging his hand) and Cristina tell Jennifer that they expect Pierce to make a full recovery. Jennifer thanks Burke and hugs him, but you can tell that Cristina is really feeling the glory of having participated in the surgery. Mere's V.O. is back on the "first, do no harm" kick. She thinks it's easier said than done.

The Chief is looking at some x-rays when he sees that Izzie is waiting to speak to him. Mere's V.O. notes that no matter how many oaths people might take, they do harm all the time. For example, some people do harm by choking other people. Izzie tells the Chief that she has eight million dollars and can do anything she wants. Except, apparently, talking about her money. But what she really wants is to be a surgeon and do a running whip stitch. The Chief tells her about a time when he was an intern and a patient died because the Chief was too scared to put in a chest tube and it was too late by the time other doctors arrived. And that would be a more convincing analogy if it were a story about the Chief deliberately taking out someone's chest tube. But whatever, they've got to get Izzie back in the hospital somehow, so they might as well just call the whole thing a mistake. The Chief's point is that after his mistake, he stuck around and continued to work and learn (and have an adulterous affair with another doctor) in order to become the doctor he is today. He tells her, "If I had quit, all I would have had was that life. That I lost. Instead, I get to save lives. Every day, I get to save lives."

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