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Oy, Gevalt

In the locker room, Meredith and George are telling Alex and Cristina how crazy Izzie is becoming. Mere: "She almost battered and deep-fried an eight-and-a-half million dollar check this morning." Cristina fantasizes about what she would do with a check that size. It involves buying her own hospital and filling it with the most interesting surgical cases. George points out that she's a psycho, and she responds by noting that she's clearly not as crazy as the woman who won't deposit her massive check. And then we hear Izzie's voice, telling them to stop talking about her. She claims (again) to be fine, and then deflects them all by pointing out that Meredith is the one with the serious problems. Everyone looks at Mere, and she asks them all what her problem is. Izzie points out that Mere still hasn't told McDreamy that she picked him over Finn. Cristina and Alex tell her to suck it up and tell him, and George notes that Mere is scared. She denies it, telling them that McDreamy walked away from her and she's just thinking that he may be happier without her. So, she dumped the hot vet for somebody that she thought was maybe not interested any more? Meredith's relationship logic never ceases to amaze. Meredith's explanation drags on and on, and nobody's buying it. So she shifts the attention back to Izzie by reminding them that she's the one with the fat undeposited check. Izzie repeats again that she's fine. Mere's V.O. tells us that guilt is always accompanied by doubt and insecurity.

A cell phone rings, and Callie leans across McSteamy's massive (and still pale) chest to see who's calling. McSteamy asks if it's her boyfriend, "again," and she denies having a boyfriend. McSteamy: "Then why the guilty face?" Callie: "You were sexier when you weren't talking." If you want to shut him up, I suggest you find some way to keep his mouth occupied. (By the way, either Callie and McSteamy have been sleeping together for multiple days or Meredith is returning to work one day after her surgery.)

Cut to George on his cell phone, waiting for Callie to pick up. Bailey yells at him for holding her up, so he hangs up and comes running to the other interns. And then Bailey tells them all that they have to attend the M&M (a.k.a. the morbidity and mortality conference) that is starting in fifteen minutes. Based on their reactions, this is not something they normally get to do, and they're pretty psyched about it. Bailey sees the happy reaction and gives them a stern lecture about how their actions as physicians sometimes contribute to patients' deaths and how important it is for them to discuss those deaths and learn from their mistakes. She reminds them how serious it is and is then called away by a patient. As she leaves, Cristina tells George and Alex to save good seats while she and Mere grab some snacks.

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