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Oy, Gevalt

The patients that called Bailey away are actually a husband and wife pair (Mr. and Mrs. Niles) and their adorable little baby. And Mrs. Niles is played by Justina Machado. Bailey is surprised to see them, and they tell her that they got lost on the way to admitting. Although it's actually the husband who speaks -- the wife is all sullen and withdrawn. However, that's pretty understandable in light of the fact that she's there because she has a mastectomy scheduled for the next day. Bailey comments on just how adorable the little baby is, and Mrs. Niles tells her that he's not that adorable when he wakes up screaming at 4:00 a.m. and won't take his bottle. Mr. Niles explains that it's been a rough week, since Mrs. Niles had to stop nursing and the baby isn't adjusting well to the bottle. Bailey is totally caught up in the baby and offers to carry him while she shows Mr. and Mrs. Niles where they need to go. She also explains about putting a little sugar water on the nipple (of the bottle) to get the baby interested in drinking. Bailey and the Niles family walk away, and the interns express shock at the fact that a woman as young as Mrs. Niles has breast cancer. Alex posits that her diagnosis was probably delayed because her pregnancy and subsequent breast feeding caused enough changes in her breasts that she wouldn't have noticed an unusual lump. Cristina reminds them that they should be thinking about the M&M, which she views as prime entertainment, and sends them off to get seats and snacks.

Cristina, carrying a huge armful of vending machine snacks, runs into Burke and expresses surprise that he's attending the M&M. He chastises her on the snacks, and she asks him if there are any surgeries scheduled, reminding him (and us) that she's ready to help him if he gets a shaky hand.

Outside the entrance to the M&M, a sign tells us that the meeting starts at 7:00 AM. Gah, what's with the early hours? Are these people farmers or doctors? George calls out for Callie to wait up. He asks if she got his messages and if she wants to sit with them -- both of her responses amount to cold brush-offs.

In the lecture hall where the conference is taking place, Callie sits a few rows in front of our gang of interns (except for Izzie, who is no longer an intern). George stares at her and tells Mere that he thinks she's trying to make him feel guilty about the fact that he helped Izzie instead of having hot monkey sex with Callie. George tells Mere that he's sick of apologizing to Callie. And he says it loudly enough that Callie must have heard him. Cristina sits down and distributes the snacks.

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