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Oy, Gevalt

The Chief calls everyone to attention and begins the M&M. We see a Powerpoint slide that establishes pretty quickly that the topic of discussion here is Denny's death. (Which is described as having occurred "last month.") The interns don't take long to realize what's happening, and they suddenly don't seem very entertained.

In the locker room, Izzie opens her locker and starts taking things out of it. She pauses when she sees her stethoscope, takes it out, and listens to her own heart. Is it broken, Izzie?

Burke is presenting the case in the M&M. It's a pretty straightforward presentation of the medical facts concerning the cause of death. There are a million questions, and the doctors present imply that they all think there's some kind of cover-up taking place. One doc refers to the "LVAD malfunction," but another very loud and pushy doc (whose name is Savoy) notes that everyone knows that the LVAD was cut by an intern. George slouches down in his chair and whispers, "I'm going to my happy place." Burke claims that the exact chain of events is unclear. Savoy notes that the events are unclear to Burke because he was being operated on himself at the time everything happened. Which leads Savoy to wonder why Bailey isn't presenting the case, since she was the senior doctor involved in it. Burke tries to shield her, but she sucks it up and tells him that she'll take over the presentation. When she asks for questions, it seems as though everyone except for the interns raises their hands. Credits.

Back at the M&M, Savoy is grilling Bailey. He basically tells her that the fact that she recently gave birth has made her incompetent. No, really, that's just about what he says. He blames it on "sleep deprivation and wild swings in hormone levels." The Chief reminds everyone present (by whom he means Savoy) that the purpose of the M&M is not to place blame. Savoy keeps going, asking where Bailey was while everything was going on. She points out that Burke had been shot and there was a huge overflow in the emergency room. Savoy asks if she paged her interns, and she tells him that she did. He accuses her of having lost the respect of her interns since they didn't bother to respond to those pages. Alex jumps to his feet and tells Savoy to shut up. Bailey tells Alex to sit down, and when he does we (and Bailey) see that Izzie is standing at the back of the room. Whoops.

And now we move to different type of morbidity and mortality conference. Addison and McDreamy are meeting with a lawyer to finalize their property division. Except for a trust of Addison's (which she will keep), neither of them brought any property to the marriage, except for a very ugly futon sofa that they ended up giving to McSteamy. Heh. All of the liquid assets (bank accounts, 401(k) accounts, stocks, etc.) will be split down the middle. The lawyer moves on to a discussion of real estate, and McDreamy tells her that all he wants is the land in Seattle, giving her the townhouse in Manhattan and the house in the Hamptons. Addison thinks this is some kind of a trick, but McDreamy tells her that he feels more at fault for the divorce -- she had a one-night stand while he had an ongoing affair. She starts to stammer and mutter about maybe not having just a one-night stand, but he cuts her off by noting that it was really a two-night stand. He still thinks he was more at fault, and he tells the lawyer that if he changes the real estate provisions of the documents he'll sign them right away. And I have to say, if this meeting is taking place at the same time as the M&M (i.e., at 7:00 AM), I'm just glad I don't work for that law firm.

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