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Oy, Gevalt

McSteamy is telling Mrs. Niles about her breast reconstruction options. He shows her both saline and silicone implants. The baby is crying, and Mrs. Niles tells everybody that she really doesn't want to deal with this stuff at the moment. Mr. Niles pushes her to think about the options. Mrs. Niles: "You're the one who has to feel them, so you decide." Mr. Niles claims not to care. Alex: "Dude, believe me, you care." Bailey shushes him. But McSteamy tells Mr. Niles, "Dude, he's right. You care." But the scene ends before we see Mr. Niles fondling the implants.

Bailey looks at some paperwork at a counter. Mr. Niles (with Baby Niles) approaches and asks Bailey what's wrong with his wife. Dude, she has breast cancer, a new baby that she can no longer breast feed, and is dealing with having one or both breasts removed. What the fuck do you think is wrong with her? She's depressed, anxious, and freaking out, and rightly so. Bailey seems as confused as me, but Mr. Niles wants to know what's really going on in his wife's head. He seems especially upset by the fact that she won't hold the baby. I guess Bailey is supposed to have some magic words that will cure this dude's terminal cluelessness, but all she does is recommend a psych consult for Mrs. Niles. The Chief watches this exchange from a distance. Mr. Niles also tells Bailey that his wife is now talking about not having the surgery at all.

Back in radiology, Pierce tells Di that he got the piercing for her. She tells him to stop doing things for her, because she's happily married and in love with her husband. Pierce is not happy to hear this and asks what her new husband has that Pierce doesn't. Just before Di can tell Pierce that what her new husband lacks is a pierced penis, Meredith shuts them up and tells them to stay still so the picture is clearer. Di tells Pierce that their marriage sucked except when they were having sex, and he cries and says that's not true. Because I'm guessing the sex sucked as well. Pierce, crying, tells Di that he still loves her. Di: "Okay, I'm in hell!" A young woman walks in and says, "Mom? Dad?!" Di: "Scratch that. Now I'm in hell." Commercials.

Meredith tries to get Jennifer (spawn of Di and Pierce) to leave the room, but she's freaking out and telling her parents that they are paying for her therapy, rent, and a new car. Pierce agrees, but Di just tells Jennifer to grow up and recognize that her parents are sexual beings who make mistakes. Jennifer says it looks less like a mistake and more like Di being a slut. Di: "Hey, you don't talk to me like that." While Jennifer continues to harass her parents, Addison comes in and puts the film up on the light board. Addison: "Well, it seems like your IUD has dislodged from your uterus, hooked onto your husband's piercing, and is embedded in your vaginal wall." Jennifer: "Did she say piercing?" Meredith, to Addison: "Daughter." Addison: "Perfect." That was a nice little exchange.

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