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Oy, Gevalt

Addison walks down a corridor and McSteamy catches up to her. He asks her who got the brownstone. It seems he left his bike in the basement and he wants to know who to speak with about getting it back. She tells him, "Buy a new bike." He tells her that the "angry divorcée thing" is very sexy. She tells him that she got the brownstone and that he can have the bike back when he comes to his senses and goes back to New York. That must be a hell of a bike if she thinks that's a credible bargaining position. McSteamy realizes that McDreamy must have given Addison both properties, since he hates the Hamptons. And then he realizes that Addison hasn't told McDreamy "the whole story" of what happened between the two of them. She admits that's true, and he notes that her keeping the secret allows her to look good and makes McSteamy look like the manwhore he is.

In the cafeteria, Izzie eats lunch with the interns. She tells them that she's thinking of buying something for Bailey and something for Burke. She asks Cristina what Burke would like, and Cristina tells her it's nothing she can get with money. George notes that Burke likes jazz, and Izzie mocks him for suggesting she get Burke a CD. I don't know. Maybe George was suggesting that Izzie buy Burke the Utah Jazz. The interns have a discussion about what they would buy with the money. A house in the Bahamas is mentioned, and then the entire Bahamas. Or maybe just one small Bahama. Cristina thinks those are stupid ideas, since they would never have time to go to any island. Alex suggests that he would quit, and Cristina thinks that no real surgeon would quit. She looks at Izzie and realizes what she just said. Izzie just looks back and tells them all again that she's fine. She's not a surgeon. Alex thinks that the moral to learn from Mrs. Niles and her advanced breast cancer is to live life while you can, which means he would retire to his Bahama. Izzie asks Meredith if she's told McDreamy about Finn. Mere says that she's giving McDreamy some time, and Izzie thinks that's stupid. George thinks that carrying around a massive check is stupid. Izzie reassures them again that she's fine: "I'm fine. The check is fine. We're all fine, okay?"

Meredith works on some paperwork. Callie is sitting next to her but not looking at her. Callie: "I slept with another guy. Do I tell George?" Mere: "I broke up with Finn. Do I tell Derek?" Pause. Mere: "I can't tell Derek." Callie: "I have to tell George." They both pick up their paperwork and start to walk away.

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