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The Best of Intentions
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First of all, as always, thanks to Joe R for filling in for me while I was away! He is the best. So, the only new episode to air in March was on the first night of March Madness. Wait, am I allowed to say that? March Mayhem Mania Meatballs Marsupial Moldypants. Whatever it's called, it meant I didn't watch the episode live and my DVR cut off the beginning of Meredith's voiceover. But from what I can put together of the rest of it, the gist is that doctors are trained to dig deep and try to figure out what someone's problem is, but that also means that sometimes they create problems out of thin air. On a night that he's actually home, Cristina stares at Owen while he sleeps and then finally plugs his nose to wake him up; she is obviously still obsessed with whether or not he's having an affair with Nurse Emily. She checks his phone when he's out of the room and on the nights he doesn't come home, calls the hospital looking for him.

When she wakes up to find herself still alone at four in the morning, she gets up and shuffles to the hospital in her pajamas and a leather jacket; when she hears giggling coming from an on-call room she throws open the door but it's just Alex and Morgan, fully clothed (but sitting on the bed together all chummy), supposedly studying for Alex's boards. She goes to the next room and finds Owen asleep and confused to see her. He tells her that there had been a bus crash so he needed to stay at the hospital and when he asks why she's there, she lies really badly that she thought he might want coffee. Except that she forgot the coffee. He's still half-asleep, so while he is confused he's also happy enough to just go back to bed when she tells him to. She then sees Emily walking down the hall and her suspicions are aroused anew.

Meredith and Derek, on the other hand are all loved up and in a bubble bath together -- Mere seems to have learned that it's really easy to take the duckies and their prying eyes out of the bathroom when she wants some adult time. Derek is so blissfully happy that he has the WORST IDEA IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD and tells Meredith she should come back to neuro. What in the what? The man who treated his wife like she was the devil until she offered to quit that field of surgery to save their marriage now flippantly tells her he misses her and wants her to come back? I'm appalled but happy to see that Meredith continues to be a full-fledged adult and tells him the idea is insane. He's all smoochy and tries to get her to come back for just a day, but she seems to (rightly) think this is nuts.

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