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The Best of Intentions

Catherine and Co.'s patient is awake and Catherine is laughing and telling her how amazing Richard was during the procedure. Bailey is still rather unbelieving at her brazen display but her attention is torn away when her patient grabs her and pulls her to the bed in a giant hug. While Bailey is occupied, Catherine tells Richard they are a great team, and then casually invites him along to the benefit with her. He starts to decline but she gives him giant Bambi eyes and he changes his mind, saying he'd be honored. They walk off arm in arm and when Bailey sees, her incredulity seems to start to turn to alarm.

Cristina goes back to Phil's room and is incensed to see Emily in there, talking with him about his decision when Cristina told her not to. She calls Emily's name but Emily decides to go on, telling Phil that he needs to think of this as helping Michael, and she knows it is difficult, but Michael needs her. Cristina then decides to use her own approach and bluntly -- not unkindly, but bluntly -- tells Phil that it would have been better if Michael died in the crash. Phil is appalled but Cristina explains that he would be just as dead, but that way Phil would have seen it happen, and would have seen his body taken away, and it would have given him some sort of closure. The way it actually happened, Michael died in slow motion, his organs failing one by one over the course of a week. She admits that she didn't know Michael, but Phil did, and she thinks Michael would have wanted him to have the comfort of closure. Phil looks at her and tells her to bring back the paperwork so he can sign, while Emily looks surprised that this approach worked. And yes, in a parallel to her own life, we know Cristina needs to have something happen and not continue deeper into insanity as she wonders what Owen is thinking and possibly doing.

Jackson has taken Mara right back to April's office, where they had been five minutes earlier, and are taking their turn eating the rest of her food. They are now getting along as they talk about Catherine and her disregard for boundaries. Jackson coaches her, telling her that she has to tell Catherine no, and that Catherine will ultimately respect her for it. The idea terrifies Mara and she thinks she doesn't have it in her to stand up like that, but Jackson of course thinks she does.

Meredith is the one to break the news to Lexie, and Little Grey is absolutely shattered by it. She pleads with Mere that Derek has to be able to fix it, but Mere tells her matter-of-factly that it is irreparable. Lexie is devastated at the idea that she ruined Lori's life, but Mere tells her that it is her fault too since she shouldn't have let Lexie perform the procedure in the first place. Lexie starts to fall apart but Mere basically tells her that she has to buck up and go face Derek first. She orders her not to shed a tear in front of him; that he will be livid and scream at her and won't talk to her for days, but she'll take it, learn from it, move on, and will never make this mistake again. And man does she know, since she's been through it herself and is probably about to go through it yet again.

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