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Owen finally comes home at some wee hour and he's less than excited when he realizes that Cristina is up waiting for him. She points out that he didn't come home yet again and he tries to give her some trauma excuse, but she cuts him off to say he's always got some excuse these days. He just stares at her and when she asks why, he tells her bluntly that he's trying to figure out how mad she is and if he wants to get into it. That sets her off and she yells that he does want to get into this. He doesn't agree and claims to be tired but she yells that this is the point -- shouldn't he want to get into it with her, to actually talk and figure out what's wrong? He tries to escape to the bathroom but finally sits down on the bed, though his back stays to his wife. She pleads with him to be honest with her because she is going crazy, and then asks sadly if he even loves her any more. He actually tries to say that this isn't about that, but she orders him to answer the question and angrily, he answers that he loves her so much that it hurts. She's visibly relieved and makes a move toward him, saying that this means they can work on things and at least actually talk to each other. She then admits, embarrassed, that she accused Emily of sleeping with him because she felt deep down in her soul that he was cheating, but now that she knows he loves her she's totally relieved. It's so open, honest, vulnerable, and not Cristina that it makes what comes next that much worse. He tells her to stop and she's stricken, seemingly knowing immediately what is coming. He repeats his love hurts line and then turns it around and tells her that it hurts to love her, and she finally tells him to just spit it out. He turns and looks at her and as she wipes away tears and tries to hold herself together, he slowly admits that while he didn't sleep with Emily, he did cheat on her with someone else. She doesn't say anything, just finally lets the tears flow unchecked as she bites her lip.

Lauren S is a writer and gal-about-town who lives and works in Atlanta, and must admit that she's totally flirt-punched a boy at least once. She wants everyone to know: "The views expressed in my recaps and anything else I might write on TWoP are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer."

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