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At the hospital, Richard (I love that when I take my notes I unconsciously still call him "Chief" but only even realized this week that I do it. It just looks normal!) has fallen asleep in his chair and is snoring loudly when Bailey wakes him to announce that Catherine Avery has arrived. When I see her I have much the same reaction that my friend's two-year-old twins have to everything they like, which is to cheer: Debbie Allen! Debbie Allen! Yaaaay! I might hold my hands up and do a little dance too. MIGHT. She and one of her students are there to assist in a bladder surgery in which they will give a woman a new bladder grown from her own tissue and some stem cells. Bailey pulls out a clear box with what looks like a small handball mounted inside and Catherine oohs and aahs over it; Richard admits they couldn't have done it without her help. Catherine is all sorts of flirty and giggly before she leaves to go find Jackson. Once she's gone Bailey asks Richard if he had a late night and he explains that every night he stays with Adele until she falls asleep and then goes back early each morning to be there when she wakes up. Bailey points out that this doesn't give him time to sleep but he declares with finality that he's fine. She raises a doubtful eyebrow but says nothing else.

Morgan and Alex are flirting up a storm as well, over his breakfast burrito and her inability to eat while she's worried about her preemie son. The flirt-exposit that Tommy has a brain bleed but that it's something the doctors expected and Alex is keeping an eye on it. He gets a page and tries to go answer it alone but she suspects it's about Tommy and insists on going with him to answer it.

Meredith and Cristina meet up with each other in the hallway and simultaneously ask if the other has seen her husband. Mere's upset that Derek went ahead with his boneheaded fantasy and put her back on his service for the day against her wishes, while Cristina needs Owen to sign off on paperwork so that she can turn off life support for a brain-dead trauma patient. Mere sees Owen and points him out, and then the two women watch him have a little smiley moment with Nurse Emily over some trail mix. Mere immediately assures Cristina that it doesn't mean anything, people share trail mix all the time, but Cristina is off in another world. Realizing her friend barely even realizes she is still there, Mere trudges off to find her own hubby.

Jackson is reminding Mark about the game plan when they see his mother: they are telling her that they are super busy and Jackson doesn't have any time to spend with her. When Catherine sweeps in to see them with her super hot urology fellow, Mara, in tow, Mark's no longer interested in playing along. After explaining that Jackson is going to be her date to a benefit that night, Catherine suggests that he spend the day giving Mara a tour of the hospital. It's an obvious setup and Mark starts going along with things immediately; he assures Catherine with a smarmy smile that Jackson is free to take as much time as he needs. Jackson tries to get them back to the plan of pretending they are busy, but Mark's having none of it since Mara is gorgeous, with a plummy British accent to boot, and he realizes that his mentee might finally be able to... let's say, "ease some tension," shall we?

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