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Cristina's brain dead patient is a man named Michael and his husband is none other than Will's Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Phil signs off on the paperwork and when Cristina asks if he needs a moment, he brushes off the idea and jokes sadly that Michael has been listening to him for 22 years so now he'll appreciate some peace and quiet. He kisses Michael's head and then asks Cristina what is next so she gently explains how they will turn off the ventilator and all the machines and gradually, Michael's body will shut down. Phil interrupts her to tell a story about how they watched a movie where one person was pulling the plug on another and as he talks, Cristina gives the nurse a small nod to start the process. But when Phil recounts how Michael told him never to do that to him he first tries to pass it off as a joke but then gets serious and orders them to turn all of the machines back on.

When Cristina tells Owen that Phil withdrew consent, Owen just asks her what she's going to do. She plans to get on another surgery but he informs her that she's going to stay there and get Phil to agree to it again. Cristina is slightly appalled that Owen wants her to talk Phil into it, and Emily drifts over as Owen says that's not what he meant, he wants her to help Phil understand that this is the only option. Then, angry for having to actually speak to his wife at all, he adds rather cruelly, "I want you to do your job and find some damn compassion." When Cristina realizes that Emily has been hovering she asks if she needs anything, and Emily suggests tentatively that she might be able to help. Cristina is absolutely against it and doesn't care that Emily has formed somewhat of a relationship with Phil over the past week, but Owen orders her to let Emily assist if she can. Emily smiles and Cristina forces herself to say thank you but everyone can see she's not happy about the situation.

Derek and Grey the Younger are in with their patient, Lori -- a cute, friendly, twenty-something who is telling the hilarious story about how she passed out at her first post-law-school interview and wound up with her skirt around her waist. The reason she passed out is because she's got a cyst in her brain, and they are going to open her up and drain it, easy-peasy. Obviously, something is likely to go horribly wrong because this show isn't known for sweet patients whose surgeries go swimmingly. She asks about a tumor that they found and Derek explains that it's small and benign, so they want to leave it alone for now. He adds that if it ever starts to cause problems they can take it out -- it's so easy, Lexie could do it! -- but they're going to just handle the cyst today. When the docs walk back out into the hall they meet up with Mere, and Lexie seems kind of freaked out that she's going to be joining them though I'm not entirely sure why. Derek says with a smile that Mere is thinking of coming back to neuro but Mere shoots that idea right down.

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