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The Best of Intentions

Jackson is giving the dullest, most monotone tour he can and is dismayed when Mara gets excited at the idea of sitting and watching a little bit of a surgery from the gallery. He tries to take his leave but she keeps talking to him and casually asks if he is still dating anyone. He notes her use of the word "still," and instead asks her about herself. It turns out she has more in common with him than he could have guessed since her father is the Director of Surgical Science at Oxford, which is naturally then where she started her own studies that eventually led to her studying under Catherine. Unlike Jackson she seems to appreciate the boost she's gotten from her family name, telling him it was a little hard work and a lot of good timing. She's quite likable but he's determined to be sullen and tries to sit and study with his flash cards until the realization hits him that this is a setup. Mara sees THE Derek Shepherd walk in the room and gets all twitterpated but when she turns to ask Jackson if they can stay and watch THE Derek Shepherd work, she finds that he's gone.

Meanwhile, Tommy's surgery takes a turn for the worse and Alex quickly does an ultrasound and realizes that his brain bleed is getting worse and he needs surgery on it right away. Arizona tells him to go get a doctor who isn't Shadow Shepherd and whose name I don't recognize, but Alex is insistent that Derek has to do this and sprints off to the other OR to get him. Teddy and Arizona share a look that might mean Arizona is starting to see that Callie could be right.

Lexie is doing a great job draining her cyst but there's one little hiccup when they encounter a bleeder. Mere calmly tells her to extend the craniotomy a bit, which makes Lexie nervous, but Mere assures her it is okay and so Lexie starts to drill.

Poor Phil is in an absolute panic now at the idea of pulling the plug on Michael. He almost pleads with Cristina that there are stories all the time about people waking up from comas and Cristina is clearly getting frustrated -- although she sounds more desperate than mean -- as she tries to explain the science of the machine doing Michael's breathing for him. Emily comes in with a scan that Cristina requested and she tries to show Phil what a brain scan looks like in someone who still has brain activity versus Michael's scan, which shows nothing. But none of this is swaying him and he just gets angry. Emily finally steps in and assures him that it's a difficult decision and he can take his time. Cristina finally adds that he can take all the time he needs, and she leaves the room. When she turns back, she's perturbed to see Emily standing with Phil, rubbing his back and comforting him.

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