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The Best of Intentions

Lori is still asleep while Derek pouts in the chair in her room and continues to yell at Meredith. That's going to be awesome and restful for her when she finally comes to. He demands to know where Lexie is but Mere sent her down to wait for the test results. Just then Lori's parents run in -- they were in Rome and rushed home as soon as they could when she called about the surgery. Derek tells them that the surgery went well, but they won't know more until she wakes up. On cue, she starts to stir. Derek greets her with a smile and immediately checks her eyes and some other responses, which all look good. She smiles at her parents in recognition, which is great, but then when she opens her mouth to talk, all that comes out is an unintelligible mumble. She starts to panic as she realizes that she can't form any words, while her parents gape, horrified.

After a commercial break, the docs have taken Lori's parents into the hall and Derek explains that she has aphasia, which means she knows what she wants to say but can't actually speak it. The part of her brain that forms words was damaged in the surgery. They are aghast when Derek says that she might get some function back after surgery. Mere tries to interject and take responsibility but Derek cuts her off and takes the fall himself, admitting that he had the best intentions and didn't foresee this outcome. That's not good enough for Lori's mom, who screams that her daughter is 27 and her life is now ruined, and they are going to sue him. Her husband tries to calm her when they realize Lori can hear, and they walk away. Goody, that's just what I was hoping for -- another lawsuit storyline. GAH. Meredith is mad that Derek won't let her handle it since it was her mistake, but Derek hikes up his martyrpants and snips that it was his mistake to leave them alone, and he can't believe Mere would do something like that. Really, Derek? We're going there all over again? He yells at her some more and she takes it fine, but she asks if they really have to tell Lexie because this could kill her. Okay, seriously, how would Lexie NOT find out what happened? Is she going to never come back from getting the labs and never check in on her patient again? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, because it makes no sense but also because Lexie may have a lot of feelings, but I think that we've seen her deal with enough that she could take this. Derek says that of course she has to be told, and if she's really not strong enough to handle it, she shouldn't be a surgeon. On cue, Lexie walks up, all smiles.

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