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Owner Of A Lonely Heart
ked, so they put a special mask on her to help her breathe, and are monitoring her closely. Mere has the best delivery of all the doctors, and she's totally who I'd want to tell me about the leeches on my face or my new brain shunt or whatever. This just leaves Kate, whom Alex says seems to be pretty healthy, and she can be moved from NICU as soon as she makes four pounds. Dory's husband Tom says, "You hear that, honey? Kate's doing really well?" Dory does not find this comforting, and starts to wheel herself off, saying she'll be in her room. Addison assures Dory's husband that she'll be fine, but she's just had five babies and her hormones are all over the place. I'd imagine so. I wonder if you get five times less estrogen and progesterone after delivery of quints, because that would probably suck harder than actually carrying and delivering five babies.

After they leave, Bailey tells Mere to keep an eye on Dory, and not let the hormone changes get the best of her. Izzie says she can do it, but Bailey reminds her that she has Emily's heart surgery with Dr. Burke. Izzie insists she has a relationship with the mother, and Bailey's all, "Uh, why are you arguing with me?" Izzie, who is clearly out of control, continues to argue. Bailey tells her she doesn't know what she's so angry about, but she doesn't care, and to keep it to herself. She addresses the rest of them: "Look, these are preemies, people. They were supposed to have spent another eight weeks in the womb. Just like interns, they're not ready for the real world." The Fools all look sheepish, and Bailey's pager goes off. It's the pit; she directs Cristina to follow her.

In the ambulance bay, Bailey and Cristina walk up just as they're unloading the patient. A paramedic gives them the facts: "Constance Henderson, 40, an inmate at Henderson. Swallowed a razor blade." Excellent! Bailey surmises that Constance, who is being played by a screaming and writhing and maniacal Rosanna Arquette (so..."as herself"?), just wanted a field trip from solitary, and it worked. Cristina asks if she's crazy, and the paramedic answers, "If you call a murderer crazy." Rosanna then crazies at Cristina, "Yeah, BABY, that's what I'm talkin' about! WHEEE!" Okay, then. Credits.

We return to Bailey asking Rosanna if she's feeling any discomfort. Rosanna, who is chained to the bed, replies, "You mean besides these snazzy handcuffs pinching my wrists?" Bailey sighs. "Did you at least put tape on the blade?" Rosanna says she's not an idiot. Bailey points out that she swallowed a razor blade, then asks Rosanna to tell her what hurts. Rosanna says she'll do no such thing, as that would shorten her delightful vacation, only less articulate and more heavy New York accent, with a little dash of...I'm not quite sure, but I want to say Sarah Michelle Gellar? Okay, with a smidge of Smidge thrown in. The effect is certainly bizarre, I can tell you that. Anyway, Rosanna tells Cristina to get her some chocolate pudding, since she's just standing there doing nothing. Bailey tells Cristina to get an X-ray, but make sure it's portable. "To minimize flight risk," she directs at Rosanna. Cristina's like, "But...but I have to check on Julia!" Bailey says she's got it covered. Cristina: "Are you sure you can't do it?" Bailey: "I can. I choose not to." Rosanna tells Cristina to come on, she's not gonna hurt her. "I only murdered three people, and none of them were doctors." Jesus.

Over in Carl's room, Nurse Olivia is having trouble getting the leeches to bite. George says sometimes they get a little anxious. "Bright lights, thunderstorms." Olivia flinches and drops the leech. "Nervous handlers." Olivia tells Carl she's sorry, she's just a little squeamish around leeches. George says dryly, "That is not what I have heard." Ooh, face hard! A chill falls over the room as Olivia tells Carl that Dr. O'Malley can take over from here. George tries his hand with the leeches as Carl asks what that was all about. George unconvincingly says it was nothing, and succeeds in getting a leech to bite Carl's nose. Carl and his sweet leech-face look up at George, and we cut to...

…Olivia, getting into the elevator with Izzie. Girl fight! Olivia tries to apologize, saying she had no idea that Alex and Izzie were seeing each other, but Izzie just stands there stone-faced. Olivia blathers on about how she was having a bad day, it was good to have someone there, and Alex really is good, like, a good person, not just good "that kind of good," which he is, as Izzie obviously knows, and someone please shut this girl up. Izzie exits the elevator without a word. Poor Olivia, who should bear none of the responsibility for this, is like, "Okay. Bye?"

Mere is watching her quint when McDreamy comes in to check on Lucy's shunt. George runs up in the background, thinks better of it, and runs away. Aw. Mere smiles to herself and asks McDreamy if he's giving up the trailer. McDreamy says he is most definitely not, why, was Addison telling people that he was? Mere says she would never have pegged him for that guy: the marble bath, private pool, gated community...guy. McDreamy: "Don't peg me. I'm not peggable." I beg to differ. Mere's quint starts to crash, and McDreamy, George (who must have been lurking outside), and a nurse run over. Her lung has collapsed. McDreamy hands Mere a needle, and tells her to stick it between the baby's ribs. She does, there's a gush of air, and...all better! George stands watching them in disgust. Heh. McDreamy tells Mere nice job, and adds, "I'm not giving up the trailer." Mere giggles, "Whatever you say, Dr. Shepherd."

Cut to Mere explaining to Dory and Tom what happened. She says it sounds scary, but really not that uncommon in a preemie this size. Dory has her back turned to Mere, and her head drops lower as Mere explains that they inserted a tube in Charlotte's chest to help her breathe. Mere tries to assure Dory that the baby really is doing fine now. Tom's phone rings, and he says he has to go, because his mom can only handle the triplets for a little while. He leans down and tells Dory he'll call as soon as he gets home. Dory is unresponsive. Mere tells Tom she'll keep an eye on his wife. Snap out of it, Dory! It's just quintuplets! Mere walks over and tells Dory that she can't blame herself for this. Dory says she's got one baby who can barely breathe, one with half a heart, two other sick ones, and if she'd listened to the doctors, she could have three healthy girls instead of four who might not live until tomorrow. "It was my decision. Tom agreed with the doctors. So, really, Dr. Grey, who else should I blame?"

Burke is quizzing Izzie before Emily's surgery. I don't know what he's talking about, but Izzie correctly answers, "Stenosis and atresia of the mitral and aortic valves." Burke asks another question, which Izzie also answers perfectly. Burke is impressed that she's done her homework. Izzie says she studies when she's on call. Burke says no matter what the books say, he guarantees she's never seen a heart this small. Izzie catches sight of Alex outside the room, and says to herself, "Betcha I have." I don't know what Izzie's so upset about, since she's about to spend a few hours just inches away from the way hotter Burke, but to each her really dumb own, I guess.

Cut to Bailey, who is in the NICU baby-talking to one of the quints. It is too awesome for words, so I will just give you hers. "How ya doin', you? You know I'm havin' a baby too, yes I am! A little boy! Maybe you could meet him someday! How's that sound, does that sound good?" Yes ma'am, it surely does. We pull back and see that Cristina has been standing there for some time, and is currently trying to control herself. Bailey notices her, and her demeanor changes instantly. She barks, "Pregnancy has not made me soft. I haven't gone soft, I don't do soft." Cristina says oh, of course not, she was just talking to a patient. Heeeee. She has Rosanna's

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