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Owner Of A Lonely Heart

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Owner Of A Lonely Heart
X-rays, which she shows to Bailey. It seems that Rosanna has swallowed not one, but four razor blades. Bailey calls her a foolish, foolish woman, and they go see her.

When they arrive, Rosanna is berating a nurse for not bringing her mint chocolate chip ice cream. She sees Bailey and says, "Thank God, Mama Bear! Help me out here, okay? I'm starvin!" Bailey tells the nurse not to give her anything, and fixes Rosanna with a look that could kill. Cristina tells her that she can't eat anything, because she's about to undergo major surgery. Rosanna doesn't understand; in the past, her razor blades have just passed the next day! Bailey says she's at risk for a perforated intestine and half a dozen infections, and they need to operate right away, since this time she swallowed four blades. Rosanna says she thought it would buy her an extra day, and then perks up. "Does this operation have a nice, long recovery time?" Cristina, who is very tired of this act, asks Rosanna if she realizes this is major surgery, which is dangerous and could kill her. Rosanna just gives both doctors a long look, and says she wants at least a gallon of mint chocolate chip when they're done splitting her open. Bailey and Cristina roll their eyes and leave wordlessly, as they should.

Dory sits in a wheelchair outside the NICU and dejectedly asks Meredith what it is that they're doing. Mere says they're visiting, instead of throwing all kinds of medical talk at her and practically scaring her to death. "The one thing we haven't done is give you a chance to actually be with your daughters." Dory asks how that's going to help; if she's learned anything these past few days, it's that she needs to face reality. What you actually need to do is take about six thousand doses of Zoloft, Debbie Downer. Mere wheels her over to Kate, and says she can reach in and touch her if she likes. Dory says she would like that very much, and just as it looks like Dory's feeling better, Charlotte crashes. Mere runs over to Charlotte's incubator, and tells the nurse to page Addison. Dory looks over at them in terror. Great idea, Mere!

Emily's surgery. Burke explains to Izzie that the baby's aorta is narrower than they thought, and there's just not much they can do. He tells Addison he wanted her to see this before he closed the baby up, and Izzie starts freaking out. "Closing up?! You didn't do anything! No, we just started!" Addison says this is as much as Burke can do for now, so unless she can fix it, it's time to close this baby's chest. As well as Izzie's mouth, I'd add. Addison's pager goes off, and she leaves the room. Izzie asks Burke if she can go, too. Burke nods yes.

Addison rushes into the NICU and asks what happened. Mere says Charlotte had an apneic episode, and is still not breathing on her own. Addison intubates the baby as Dory watches, mortified. Mere tells Addison she was doing fine, and Addison says preemies are like that -- just when you think they're doing better, they slip backwards. Mere finally realizes that Dory has witnessed this whole thing, and gasps, "Mrs. Russell." But when she looks over, there's just an empty wheelchair. I sure hope Dory knows how to crawl, because I can't imagine she's walking very well with that giant incision across her midsection.

Rosanna's in surgery. Heartless Cristina asks Bailey who would do this to themselves. Bailey, who actually does understand human feeling, says the woman wasn't just in prison, she was in solitary. Cristina says she's deranged. Bailey: "You try spending a month locked in a room with no windows, no one to talk to twenty-three hours a day. See how deranged she is then." Cristina argues that she's a murderer. Bailey's like, "I didn't say she wasn't. I said, try having no one to make your snarky comments to for a solid month. My guess is, you'd swallow the entire razor." Bravo!

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