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Owner Of A Lonely Heart

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Owner Of A Lonely Heart

George checks in on Carl and the leeches. He looks much better, and George says so. Carl asks George if he made up with that cute little girlfriend of his yet. George says Olivia's hardly his girlfriend, and retrieves a bloated leech that has leapt from Carl's ear. EW. Carl asks if "she" is okay. George: "'She'?" Carl says he's named her Isabella, and the one on his finger is Darcy. "And that little guy on my nose? Named 'O'Malley.'" George doesn't know whether to be flattered or insulted. Carl laughs and says that's right, he named him O'Malley, since George was the one who got him to bite. George says Isabella's fine, she's just full. He goes to dispose of her, but Carl asks if he can take her home.

Cut to George complaining to Olivia. "Crazy nature man! Wants to take a leech home as a pet." He looks for a container for Isabella, and Olivia tells him he had no right to speak to her that way in front of a patient. George says she hurt his friend. Olivia says she had no idea about Izzie and Alex, and that's not what he's upset about anyway. George says she has no idea what he's upset about. "And why Alex? And why AGAIN?" Olivia: "People get lonely, George."

Just outside Dory's room, Mere's on the phone with Tom, asking if he could bring the boys by to visit, because Dory could really use it. Three boisterous toddlers? Again, I submit medication for your consideration. Unfortunately, the boys have the flu, so Mere tells him not to bring them. She thanks him, and hangs up, only to run into Alex in the NICU. She remarks that he's been lying low. Alex says that's easy when nobody's talking to you. Mere: "I'm talking to you. In short, monosyllabic sentences, with disdain and contempt." Heh. Alex wonders if girl rules say they all have to hate him. Mere says she doesn't hate him, and if her mother hadn't gotten Alzheimer's, she'd probably be him. She asks if he's okay. Alex says he almost killed a guy yesterday, and is just trying to find anything he can to help. Mere grabs one of the books he's studying, and asks what they're looking for. Just then, Izzie walks in and sees them together. She gets teary-eyed, tells Mere she's unbelievable, and storms out.

Mere runs after her, and tells Izzie that she and Alex are sort of friends. Izzie would like to know since when they're friends. "You tell me to cut my losses, that I'm better off without him, and as soon as I turn my back..." Oh, please. As if Alex is any match for the dreamy McDreamy. Mere says she's making way too big a deal out of this. Izzie tells her to do whatever she wants; sleep with him for all she cares! Mere says she's obviously not going to do that. Izzie: "Why not, you've slept with everyone else." Oh, NO. Izzie walks off angrily, and Mere does the same in the other direction. Commercials and bitterness.

Cristina tells Rosanna that her surgery went well, and should be ready to go in about 36 hours. This is not nearly long enough for Rosanna. "Four razor blades and that's all you can give me? Come on, sugarplum, I thought we were having fun." You know, I really hated Rosanna up to this point, but when somebody uses the term "sugarplum," it will win me over every time. I don't know what it is, maybe some kind of repressed love for the Nutcracker ballet. Cristina starts to take off, but Rosanna calls out for her not to leave. Cristina is all, "What?" Rosanna says she just wants a little conversation; she's all alone in there, without even a roommate to talk to. Cristina relents. "Okay. Why'd you kill three people?" Rosanna: "Start with a little small talk, why don'tcha?" Cristina looks at her expectantly. Rosanna says she was high on meth, and had this boyfriend who had a robbery all planned out. "He said he would leave me if I didn't help him. Things got out of control. He was gonna leave me. He was all I had." She starts to cry a little, and says she would have been all alone. Cristina looks at her unsympathetically and says, "Clearly being alone has its benefits." She shakes her head and leaves the room. Oh, Crissy, you heartless bastard.

George walks into Carl's room to find Olivia waiting there. She says another leech fell off, and she can't get the new one to bite. George says coldly that he's a surgeon. Olivia shoots back that he's an intern. Carl watches this exchange like it's a tennis match, then says, "You know what time it is? Time for you two kids to kiss and make up, that's what time it is!" I love him. ["This actor has played George W. Bush in three different venues, which is so messed up, it's awesome." -- Sars] George reminds Carl that he and Olivia are not a couple. Carl says he knows there's something between the two of them. Olivia tells Carl he's right; there was. George says this isn't the time, but Olivia has started up and just can't stop. She tells Carl all about how George broke up with her for a girl who doesn't even know he's alive. She addresses George: "You? Meredith Grey? Never going to happen." Damn! George stutters, "Why, why, why would you even...why? Meredith?" Olivia says anyone who's paying the slightest bit of attention knows it's Meredith, except Meredith, which should tell him something. She apologizes to Carl and runs out. George, to Carl: "She gave me syphilis."

Addison is in Webber's office, and she asks him if he remembers what he did to her when she was an intern. Webber says he couldn't forget, because she didn't speak to him for almost a year, but she learned. Why, Webber! You dirty old man. Addison says she thinks she's going to have to do the same thing to Izzie Stevens. Webber knows Stevens: "Smart, hard-working, gets a little too involved with her patients. A lot like you." Addison says she knows, and it took her a long time to get over it when it happened to her. Webber says the question is, is Izzie talented enough to make the lesson worth it? Lord, he makes it sound so violent. Addison says Izzie's the best she's seen in years, and she was hoping... Webber cuts her off. "You're not here to make friends, Addison. You're here to make better surgeons. Being a teacher can be a lonely business." Out with the cat o' nine tails, Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd!

Outside at a table, Izzie is telling George and Cristina about how Meredith was all over Alex. Cristina brings Izzie back to freaking earth: "Seriously? She was all over him? Was she, like, mounting him? With all the babies watching?" George says they were just talking. Izzie says you don't talk to bastards who cheat on their girlfriends, that's the rule. George reminds her that she wasn't officially his girlfriend. Izzie says that's not the point. I believe, unfortunately for Izzie, that it is. George says he doesn't get all emotional about people he's not dating. Izzie: "Really. You wanna go there?" George shuts up real quick, and Cristina looks confused. Izzie tells them that she's having a moment here, and not to mess with her. Cristina asks if she's going to have a nervous breakdown or kill herself. Izzie says no. Cristina: "So...there's no chance you'll kill us?" Seriously. Izzie shoves her chair back and stomps off. George tells Cristina that was wrong on so many levels, then they totally laugh about how awesome it was.

Mere looks at Charlotte's chest X-ray, then tells her that her lungs are not good. She says they have to find something to help her, then looks over to see Addison counseling Dory in the next room. She tells Charlotte if she has any ideas, it's time to start talking.

Ooh, it's time for the Great Izzie Experiment. Addison tells Izzie that she's leaving for the evening, but she and Burke have decided to try again with Emily's aorta if she can only make it through the next ten hours. She asks Izzie to look after her for the night. Izzie says she was on call last night, but at Addison's look, is all, "But I can definitely stay tonight, too." Addison tells Izzie that this baby is her responsibility, and she better be alive when she gets back in the morning. Izzie says she will be. Addison wa

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