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Owner Of A Lonely Heart

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Owner Of A Lonely Heart
lks off with a guilty look on her face. Aw, Addie, you schemer. Izzie almost deserves it for the way she's been acting.

Alex catches McDreamy as he's leaving the hospital, and says he thinks he found something that could work on APCM. McDreamy shuts him down. Alex tries to argue his case, but McDreamy tells him it's over. "You screwed up. Mr. Martin's fried. You fried his brain. You killed him. Deal with it." Well, then! I guess he just...will have to!

Izzie rocks the NICU. Emily's blood pressure has dropped, but Izzie works some medical magic and brings it back up to the right level. The nurse assisting her is all proud. Mere walks in and says, "Hey, Iz." Izzie says she's not talking to her. Mere says she just wanted to say she was sorry. Izzie: "When Derek broke up with you, nobody told you you were better off without him. It's not supportive, it's condescending. Everyone was there for you guys, and the one time I need you? Just go away, Meredith." Meredith does, and Izzie looks like she wishes she hadn't said that. Too late now, weirdo!

Cut to Cristina, running into Rosanna's room. Rosanna is all jerking and spazzing on the bed. The nurse says she just started seizing. Cristina realizes that Rosanna isn't seizing, she's choking. She reaches into her mouth and pulls out a bloody shard of something from her throat. Cristina looks around the room, and sees a broken lamp on the floor. "My God, she's swallowed a light bulb." Cristina tries to shove a tube down her throat as we go to commercial.

When we come back, everything is still crazy and tense and awful and making me nervous in Rosanna's room. Cristina can't intubate, and calls for help. She's preparing to do something called a "crike" when Burke shows up. He says she'll be okay, and tells a nurse to prep OR 2 for an emergency thoracotomy. Cristina sighs in relief that her hot doctor boyfriend has saved the day.

Emily crashes. Izzie fixes it with more epinephrine, and heaves her own sigh of relief.

Dory's room. Mere walks in to find her packing, and Dory says she needs to go home. "I can't be here. I can't watch them die." Mere says they're not dying; they're trying to live, and her leaving isn't going to help them. Dory needs Meredith to understand that she can't do it, because they're too sick and hurt. Mere: "Which is why they need their mother." Dory says she can't. What if Emily dies? Mere says if Emily dies, it will be horrible. "But if Emily dies and you're not here?" She says Dory can sit with them, and talk to them, and let them know they're not alone in this world -- that's all they need. And then a total light bulb goes off over Mere's head. She says she thinks she knows how to help Charlotte, and rushes out of the room. Dory's like, "Wait, I thought you were going to help me fold these nightgowns!" Just kidding.

Mere is putting Charlotte into an incubator with one of her siblings, and says she doesn't know why she didn't think of this sooner. She explains to Dory -- who, judging from her fetching hospital attire, has clearly decided to stay -- that what she's doing is called co-bedding, which hospitals sometimes do with twins when the other one is sick. She says it helps, although they don't really know why. Izzie watches from across the room and pouts at Meredith's back. She can't see you, Iz, but if she could, I bet she'd tell you that your face can stick that way.

George tells Carl that he's doing very well, but doesn't know what his wife will think about his new houseguests. Carl has all his leech friends lined up in containers, and he says he's going to let them go on his favorite hiking trail. He adds that he doesn't have a wife, though. George says he just thought that, because of Carl's wedding ring. Carl says he's divorced; he just never took off the ring. Then he puts his hand on George's shoulder, which makes George very uncomfortable, and teaches George a valuable lesson about people who just can't love you back in the same way, no matter how much you love them. "Believe me, son, living with a woman who can't love you back? Way lonelier than being alone." Aw, Carl! I'm gonna miss you when you go, you and your leeches both.

Emily crashes once again. Izzie doesn't know what to do, and asks the nurse to page Addison. The nurse says she called to say Izzie has to handle this herself. Izzie's all, "What? I'm an intern! Okay, just give me a second." The nurse says they don't have a second. Izzie says they have to push more epi, but the nurse says they can't keep doing that. Izzie's like, "I know! But I don't know what else to do!" A sweet song starts to play as Izzie stands over the baby, and tells her, "You can do this." We shall see.

The next day, McDreamy finds Meredith on one of the hospital's beautiful balconies overlooking Seattle. They stand together looking outside, and Mere says she can't believe he'd give up his trailer. McDreamy says he loves it, and he's not moving. Mere: "You're still you?" McDreamy: "I'm still me." Aw. Mere says that's good. George watches them from afar, hopefully taking Carl's words to heart.

Izzie's asleep in the NICU. She bolts upright and asks the nurse where Emily is. The nurse says they took her away. Izzie: "Why? Where? Why didn't you wake me?" The nurse says Dr. Shepherd told them not to. Izzie can't believe it. The nurse has to break the news that Emily died half an hour ago.

In the next shot, Dory is holding sweet Emily while Addison talks to her. She walks out of the room and takes Izzie by the arm. "It wasn't your fault." Izzie is in shock. She says Addison put her in charge, and she killed that baby. Addison tells her no, she didn't; she was going to die anyway. "As soon as Dr. Burke opened up her chest, we knew she didn't have a chance." Izzie would like to know, then, why Addison would order her to spend the night and take care of her, if she knew the baby was going to die anyway. "I worked my ass off. Doing CPR, pumping her full of every drug on the planet, you have any idea how scared I was, and it was all for nothing?" Addison says hardly -- if a situation like this ever comes up again, she knows Izzie will be able to handle the pressure. Izzie can't believe Addison lied to her. Addison tells her that she has to learn distance; she'll be a better doctor for it. Izzie is incredulous, and walks off. Addison looks just as guilty as she probably feels. I hate that lesson! That was a really mean lesson, even for Izzie.

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