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So the five men who watch this show are given a thank you for doing so when treated to shots of Lexie trying to arrange herself in a sexy pose on a bed, wearing only the bedsheet. As she tries out different poses, Mere starts, "Surgeons are detail oriented. We like statistics and checklists and operating procedures. Our patients live because we enjoy following the steps. But as much as we love to always rely on the numbers, the plan, we also know that some of the greatest medical discoveries have happened by accident." A fair amount of time is clearly passing, and Lexie is fidgeting. She finally decides to wait with the sheet pulled back to show off her lovely lady lumps, and of course that is the moment that Derek, not Alex, walks in to the room. They both yelp, horrified, and as Derek flees Meredith appears in the door. Alex left ten minutes earlier (shame Derek didn't realize that before he walked in) and when Mere asks, Lexie admits that she and Alex have been hooking up since Mere caught them the first time. She warns her little sister that Alex is emotionally like she was three years earlier and therefore totally unsuitable as a crush. Lexie tries to claim that it's just sex with no feelings, but Mere laughs her off because she knows Lexie too well, and points out, "Your heart lives in your vagina." Lexie tries to deny it and then, realizing that it's futile, tells her it's not like that this time. Mere laughs in her face about this and heads off to work.

"Mold: penicillin, poisonous tree bark: a cure for malaria, a little blue pill for hydropressure: impotence be damned." As Mere's VO lists famous medical discoveries that were accidents, Derek arrives at the hospital to find some doctors giggling and listening to moaning coming from behind a door. He shoos them away and walks right in, only to find Mark with his pants down, holding a woman up against a supply rack. She's horrified but Mark just seems pissed to have been interrupted, and Derek storms away muttering, "Why is this my morning?" hilariously leaving the door wide open as he stomps off.

Cristina and Hunt are walking in to work and she excitedly tells him about a surgery that she and Teddy performed when he gets a page. He is quiet and she knows something is wrong and asks what's up; he says it's nothing and then immediately comments on how she and Teddy are friends now. Cristina tells him that she is and then sincerely tells him that he can be friends with her too, reminding him that she never told him not to. It's definitely coming from the new, more mature and gentle Relationship Cristina perspective when she tells him to be friends with her. Mere VO's: "It's hard for us to accept that it's not always the hard work or attention to detail that will get us the answers we're looking for. He thanks her and they are kissing when Charles walks out, pissed to find them so as he just paged Hunt about an incoming trauma. The paramedics arrive and unload a motorcycle-riding, helmet-eschewing daredevil with a closed head wound, among other things. He's barely alive, which is just as well given that as they start to run inside, one of the medics slips on some water (it's pouring rain out) and she and the gurney come crashing down to the asphalt.

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