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Once he's stable, a CT shows that there is some sort of complication from the surgery, and Derek tells Harper that Richard is going to fix him. Harper has been weakened but he's still a bona fide control freak and announces that they aren't putting him out because clearly a mistake was made, and he's going to make sure that doesn't happen again. Derek, however, picked up a spine on his way in and tells Harper that this is his hospital and Harper will abide by his rules and will be put under for surgery while Jackson waits outside like any other family member. He adds that if Harper refuses, he'll have him declared unfit to make his own medical decisions. He adds, with quite a bite in his tone, "That is how a Chief does things. Take note."

Out in the hall, Richard is starting to wilt and he tells Derek to have Bailey do it, since he's terrified he made a mistake the first time that caused this. He wants a drink, not the life of a world-renowned surgeon depending on him. He pleads with Derek but after thinking a moment, Derek tells him instead that Bailey will assist, and that two months earlier he would have actually had a drink rather than just admit he wanted one. He pats Richard on the shoulder and says that he can do it -- it comes off less condescending than it sounds, but still has a touch of Derek's infuriating smugness to it. Richard just slumps.

Mark is out of surgery, and while Mom sleeps he talks to crying Daughter, projecting all of his own feelings onto her situation. He tells her he understands that she got used to being the one person her mom could count on and now she's just supposed to move on. She agrees, but then corrects that she's not going to miss any of it, because she wasted years being miserable. Now she can move out, move on, and even have men over -- "Men that look like you," she says with quite the suggestive tone. Oh honey, you'll never get him as far as your house -- you're lucky if he takes you to a room with an actual bed in it. Mom woke up somewhere during this and corrects that she was taking care of her daughter, calling her a little tramp. Daughter realizes what that means and happily tells her mom that she can hear now. After a moment she realizes, and they laugh and try out her "new" ears with Mom reminding Daughter that no one asked her to move in, and that Mom let her because Daughter had just gotten a divorce and needed some TLC. Daughter happily then tells her mom she's moving out, and Mark watches the whole scene, maybe realizing that he'll be totally fine without his bratty, selfish, immature daughter around.

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