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In another OR, Teddy, Cristina and Lexie take out Elliot's disgusting, blue-black lungs that look all the worse with the new pink ones in a bowl right next to them. Teddy starts to panic when something won't hold, and gets out her frustration by ranting about awards, and how they just make people more competitive than better. As she rants, Cristina mumbles something and when Teddy demands to know what it was, she offers a solution to the problem Teddy is having at this stage of the surgery. Teddy replies, "No," and it looks like she's going to lay into Cristina directly... but actually she just comes up with an even better solution and gets back to work, asking Cristina to help.

Out in the waiting room, Jill waits and Jackson joins her, clearly uncomfortable and not used to waiting around like a regular old family member.

Richard and Bailey are rooting around in Harper's innards and seem rather cheerful as they point out all the problems going on, much to Mere's confusion. Richard explains to her that this all shows that Harper was allergic to the chromic sutures on which he insisted earlier, and that he would have never known he had the allergy since he always handled them while wearing gloves. Mere realizes that Richard couldn't have possibly known this either, and he tells her that's why he's smiling behind his mask -- ah, the incredibly satisfying, "I told you so," smile. He then confidently asks a nurse to hand over the silk sutures he was going to use in the first place.

In the next OR, Teddy declares it the moment of truth for the lungs and tells the nurse to take Elliott off bypass. She whispers pleas for him to breathe, but we go to commercial with a shot of the very still, totally-not-yet breathing lungs sitting in his chest cavity.

The next thing we see is Jill crying while the doctors all watch her with serious faces but... fakeout! After spending hours trying to prepare herself for her brother to die, it turns out he's going to be okay (barring any complications) and they happily escort her back to see him. Mere then walks out to Jackson and tells him that Harper is going to be fine after his allergic reaction. Jackson chuckles and gets some bitter joy out of it being his fault, which is all Mere can take. She understands the about legacy and the famous family member that he didn't ask for, but she calls him on his putting up walls and not even wanting to introduce him to his friends. She said she was the same way with Ellis but if Ellis was there now she'd want to learn from her, and he still has the opportunity. I'm not sure I believe this 100% -- I think if Ellis was still alive Mere might still have some very real issues with her -- but it still gets to Jackson. I also strongly disagree with her advice because that implies he might leave Seattle for Massachusetts, and seriously if we lose his hotness but have to keep Charles, I'm going to throw something at my television.

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