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Alex has found a good hiding spot from Mark -- he's doing research at a table in the locker room when Lexie bursts in and tells him happily about suggesting this procedure and doing a successful surgery. Alex doesn't seem to hear her, he just cuts her off and asks if she told Mark they were together. She's stunned, and he goes on to say she's great in bed but don't use him to make Mark jealous. Lexie finds her voice and assures him that she didn't tell Mark and isn't trying to make anyone jealous. Given Marks boorish behavior, Alex has a hard time believing her but she just gives him a speech about how she's doing this just for herself that has nothing to do with feelings for anyone -- Alex makes her not feel, and if he doesn't want to be used for sex she'll find someone who does. He just goes back to work and she shows that she still is a feeling person by starting to say she knows he's had a hard time lately and he cuts her right off and orders her not to get mushy. That said, he's got a free 20 minutes, "You wanna go not have feelings somewhere?" Since there are no witnesses, she looks quite interested in not having feelings with him for a bit.

Arizona and Teddy are in the hall looking into Elliott's room and Arizona sees Hunt walk up before Teddy does. She tells Teddy that it's bad form to cancel on friends which briefly confuses her, but then she sees Hunt too and assures Arizona that she'll be there in 15 minutes. They talk about her surgery and Teddy says that Cristina was amazing, but adds that she'll kill him if he tells her that. Their conversations are filled with awkward pauses and after one of them, Hunt asks if she wants to go get a beer to celebrate. She tells him she's got ladies' night and is a little scared, but says goodnight and takes off. She seems more comfortable with telling him that than I would have expected, but when he pauses (again) and then tells the air that he'll see her tomorrow, he seems a little confused or possibly miffed. Oh show, don't go there, just let this be an actual friendship, we've already been through enough, okay? Mere VO's, "No matter how many plans we make, or steps we follow, we never know how our day is going to end up.

"We'd prefer to know, of course, what curveballs will be thrown our way." Honestly, it's a wonder that the hospital hasn't run out of condoms yet. Alex walks out of an on-call room and Mark calls after him; Alex immediately says that Lexie isn't his girlfriend but Mark is there to actually call a truce, and says that he'll stop yelling at him and kicking him out of ORs. Mark's word is going to be tested, though, because Lexie chooses that moment to walk out of the same room while putting her coat back on. They say "hi," and there's a lot of looking back and forth until finally Mark shakes his head, sighs, and walks off. Okay seriously, this isn't a double standard anymore, it's a gazillion standard given how many women Mark has slept with just TODAY.

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