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"Or it takes some getting used to." Arizona and Callie are cuddling, and Arizona is having a hard time getting used to the fact that she was outvoted and instead of dancing or bowling, the girls are back at the baseball diamond hitting balls like they did right after the merger. Callie loves it, especially the delighted look on Bailey's face as she keeps desperately trying to hit a ball. Mere and Cristina are there as well and Cristina says happily that she is in love with Teddy, so Meredith says she's just like Lexie with inappropriate feelings for inappropriate people. Cristina counters that, "My heart lives in my scalpel." We all have to carry it somewhere. She walks up to Teddy as someone shouts awesomely to Bailey that she just has to be taller -- at least they refrained from calling her a minnow this time. Bailey finally hits it and they all rejoice. Cristina then tells Teddy that it's her turn. Mere tells us, "Still, you know you'll find yourself appreciating it somewhere down the line. So you go to sleep each night thinking about tomorrow. Going over your plans, preparing your lists..." Cristina tries to pump Teddy up by telling her how hitting the ball will feel like her first incision, while she puts the helmet on Teddy's head. Teddy assures Cristina that she's done this before and sure enough, she knocks it out of the park on the first try, and the incredibly fake looking ball comes right at the camera and takes us to black for the week as Mere finishes up, "...and hoping whatever accidents come your way will be happy ones." The girls all cheer and at the same time... did I hear a baby cry? Or was that just an unusual cheer? I listened to that about five times and each time heard what sounded very much like a baby cry corresponding with Meredith's comments about happy accidents. Oh my, I'm not sure we need a baby on top of the eighty-five or so featured characters already on this show. We'll see what happens.

Find out who will be guest-starring on the final episodes of Grey's this season.

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