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Charles wants the case but Cristina claims she touched him first and so gets him. Charles is really just dead weight on this show but even I have to give this to him as he was standing there waiting to receive this trauma. A hospital lawyer shows up wanting a statement and Hunt tells the two bickering residents to work out who is giving the statement. Because she's not even in scrubs yet, Cristina loses and has to go with the lawyer while Charles gloats. As she walks off she claims that this isn't over between them.

Teddy is watching Hunt work from across the ER, gazing at him like a lovesick puppy. Arizona walks up to her to discuss a patient of hers in oncology, apologizing that she knows Teddy is busy with surgery and staring at Owen. Teddy must have forgotten what it's like to have girlfriends because she's surprised that Arizona noticed, though Arizona brings up Christmas and the singing and then all of the pathetic gazing and it's all she can notice now. She declares that she likes to fix people and wants to help Teddy, and cuts her off when Teddy tries feebly to deny her feelings. Arizona thinks that the two of them should be friends and that Teddy should come out with her and Callie that night for a Girls' Night Out. She gets incredibly giddy at the idea that maybe she could convince Bailey to join them too. Arizona begs her to say yes so Teddy does, though she seems slightly scared. Arizona then brings her patient back up, a kid named Elliott who needs a lung transplant. Alex hears this as he's walking by and wants in, but Arizona tells him that since she found out he slept with her girlfriend, there's no way he's going to be on this case. Alex points out that it was years before but Arizona maintains that jealousy is a powerful monster, and shoos him off. Once he's gone, she turns to Teddy and asks, "As my new friend, don't judge me for that."

Derek has called Mark to the office to give him a talking-to, just like a bad student being called to the principal's office. He tells Mark he knows that he is upset Sloan left but that screwing drug reps won't help, and despite Mark's assertion that it does, Derek lays down the law that there is to be no more drug rep screwing in the hospital. Mark gripes that he's no fun now that he's Chief, and then takes his leave as the former Chief arrives. Derek asks him how his first day is going and Richard says so far it's fine before placing a cup with his urine sample down on the desk. Oh, ouch. Derek genuinely tells him that he's sorry for this, but Richard knows it's part of the rehab program and seems more interested in being done with it, asking Derek just to run the test under an anonymous name. Derek asks what he needs and Richard suggests a low-stress day with routine surgery that puts him home by 5 pm. Derek agrees and they shake hands but since we've all seen TV before, we know that's a handshake that will only insure that things run totally out of control before long.

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