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Cristina is being nothing but gracious and helpful with the hospital lawyer... except totally not, because she's Cristina, and she just wants to get away and go to work. She decides they are finished as Avery accompanies an older man being wheeled in by paramedics. It took me a while to place the guy -- the voice was familiar but by sight I couldn't figure it out (and imdb is totally dropping the ball lately, not updating guest stars until well after the episodes air) but eventually I realized the actor is Chelcie Ross and I know him from his recent AWESOME turn as Conrad Hilton on Mad Men. He passed out while they were in a restaurant but thinks it's a waste to be there, even though he has abdominal pain. Cristina runs to his bedside and despite Avery's protests starts to examine him, treating him pretty much like a dumb old man. She's surprised to learn that this is Avery's grandfather but uses it as an excuse to continue the exam, since he is family, and suggests that it might be hurtyabdomenitis. Grandpa asks her if she's sure since he only has one symptom of the disease, and she's taken aback to realize he's a doctor, and downright speechless when he introduces himself as Harper Avery, of the oft-mentioned Harper Avery Award. Harper tells Jackson (it's going to get way too confusing to keep up my normal moniker of "Avery" this hour) to get him a new and better surgeon while Cristina stands in a panicked stupor from just misdiagnosing one of the top surgeons in the nation, who happens to be her co-worker's grandfather.

Once in her scrubs, she finds Mere and tells her the story, lamenting what this does to her chances of ever actually winning a Harper Avery award. Mere reminds her that he could die before she gets to that point, so not to worry, and when Lexie walks up Mere tells Cristina what happened that morning in an effort to cheer her up. It works, though Lexie is mortified, and Cristina proceeds to tell Lex exactly the same things Meredith did about Alex being Mere three years ago and Lexie's heart living in her vagina. As Meredith and Cristina gloat over how they basically share the same brain, Lexie storms off. They run into Derek who already heard about Cristina's run-in with Harper; apparently no one in the entire hospital knew that he was Jackson's grandfather. Cristina gripes that Jackson is an entitled brat with no skills but a good bloodline, and Meredith's hackles immediately go up as she defends that it's not his fault they are related. Cristina just retorts, "Oh whatever, Ellis Grey's daughter," but it relieves the tension of her first statement. She heads off and Derek asks his post-it wife how he looks and she realizes he's actually nervous. She thinks Harper is just a guy who happens to have an award named after him but Derek bets that she wants to meet him too. She absolutely admits it and they head down to see him.

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