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Cristina arrives to find a hectic scene in the ER and Hunt explains that the daredevil started to bleed out on his way to the OR. Charles asks for her help and she gloats that he needs her as she heads over to assist.

Across the room, a woman is screeching at her daughter and they argue very loudly about whether or not the mom should have been driving. Callie is there because the mom injured her knee and she asks them to tone down the yelling, but her grown daughter explains that she is nearly deaf and won't admit it and get a hearing aid, so they have to yell. The woman yells at the doctors to speak to her rather than her daughter and the fighting starts anew as Callie tells Alex to run a head CT. She tells the women that she has to operate on a ruptured tendon in Mom's knee and that she'll be off her feet for a few weeks; Daughter is appalled at the idea that she'll have to help her out even longer.

As the screeching between mother and daughter continues, Harper, in a nearby bed, comments on how annoying they are. Bailey tells him they are getting him a private room and he reminds her that she already said that. Derek shows up and Harper recognizes his name from his trial on the gliomas that he did with Meredith, then asks pointedly if they brought a neurosurgeon to help with his abdominal cramps. He's not impressed when he's told Derek is the Chief as he wants to have a surgeon that he knows, so he asks for Dr. Grey. A very pleased but surprised Mere steps up, causing Harper makes to make a plastic surgery crack. He's then suitably embarrassed when Meredith explains that Ellis was her mom and that she passed away. He offers his condolences and then asks if Richard still works there. Derek says he does but tries to say he is busy, and it's at that very moment that Hunt and the others wheel out the daredevil, who then starts spraying blood all over his doctors. Amongst all the chaos, Derek resignedly says he'll page Richard.

Harper is now in his own room as Richard looks at his scans and finds an obstruction. He tells Harper that it's a good thing Jackson brought him in right away and says that Bailey will operate immediately. By way of reply, Harper asks if it was a student or a board member's wife. Richard is confused and Harper jovially explains that no one gives up Chief of Surgery and they're only asked to step down if they have done something juicy. "So who were you slipping it to?" He's kind of obnoxiously awesome, but Jackson is appalled and immediately apologizes for his grandfather. Harper just says Jackson doesn't get his sense of humor and insists everyone knew it was a joke, though I'm certain it was one of those jokes that was totally rooted in truth, and that he really thinks Richard was ousted due to his sexual exploits. Derek answers for Richard as if he's not standing right there and says he left to focus on research. Harper knows it's crap and still wants Richard to operate despite Derek's assurances that Bailey is a great surgeon. Harper, though, insists on Webber (no offense to Bailey) and then declares that he also plans to be awake during the surgery so that he can supervise what's going on. Derek heaves a sigh while Richard mutters so much for his low-stress day.

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