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Lexie is giving the bullet on a patient, Elliott, who had cancer that went into remission, but because of radiation now has pulmonary fibrosis. This is the case Arizona was telling Teddy about, so they are all gathered around the bed as Elliott's sister snidely points out that this is old information. When Arizona gently tells her they need to review his history, she asks them to do it on their own time. She's a peach, this one, and Elliott apologizes for her. Apologizing for inappropriate family member outbursts seems to be a running theme this episode. Teddy explains how difficult it is to find new lungs that are even viable in the first place, and adds that because of his cancer, and all of his immunosuppressants that could reject donor organs, Elliott is too high-risk to get on the list. His sister Jill pleads with them that he survived both leukemia and lymphoma when people rarely do and because of that, he deserves new lungs, but Teddy sadly tells her that these are the transplant board's rules and not hers, and she's very sorry.

Out at the nurses' station, Lexie asks Teddy about ex vivo lung transplantation, and Cristina jumps in and explains that it is taking damaged donor lungs that would be thrown away and repairing them while on bypass and then asks excitedly if they are doing one. Teddy guesses that Cristina wants on her service in order to do something cool that will make up for her humiliation in front of Harper earlier that day. It seems Lexie told Teddy about that as revenge for Cristina and Mere making fun of her earlier. It totally was Mere that spilled the beans and the girls were giving Lexie actual, valid girlfriend advice (even if they were annoying while they were doing it), but as Mere is not here to be our Weekly Renegade, we'll just go ahead and blame Cristina for the mocking. Cristina has to agree that yes, her daredevil died and so she's available but Teddy refuses to do the patient as it's never even been done in the United States. Cristina tries to sway her by reminding her that Harper Avery is there and could catch wind of it and maybe give her one of his precious awards, but Teddy says she doesn't care about awards. Cristina points out that only people who don't win awards feel like that. Teddy leaves and Cristina asks Lex if she thinks they could do it. Lexie only wants to talk about how she absolutely totally doesn't have feelings for Alex, but Cristina points out that she in fact doesn't give a crap about that.

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