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Meanwhile, Mark has gone to deliver the good news about Mom's ear, and while he talks to Daughter mom shouts in the background to try and find out what's going on. Daughter can't believe that all this time she just needed to force her mom to go to the doctor, but Callie tries to change her course of thinking and assures her that now all that matters is that Mom's hearing can be restored after Callie operates on her knee. She's totally thankful, and as she heaps praise on Mark she starts giving him sexy eyes, and he's happy to give right back. He hugs her and stops just short of feeling up her ass in front of her mother, and then when Daughter goes and talks to Mom Callie whispers a warning not to sleep with her. Mark seems bummed at that suggestion but then is immediately called over to give Mom the happy news himself, all full of charm as he yells the good news.

Things are tense down in Harper's surgery and when Jackson asks if he should be put out Harper tries to protest but starts slurring his words. Fortunately, Richard then finds the bleeder and everything returns to normal. Harper seems a bit subdued but when Richard asks a nurse for silk sutures Harper snaps back into usual form and orders him not to go cheap, and to use chromic sutures instead of silk. Richard is a little put out but goes along with it while Jackson gripes that Harper obviously is doing just fine.

Where did Cristina run off to, you ask? Well when Lexie responds to her page, she finds Cristina in a dark room (because possibly illegal medical procedures are best performed with little light) with a pair of lungs on a table under a big glass bubble. Lexie is appalled at Cristina stealing lungs but Cristina promises that these had been rejected by the transplant team and she merely redirected them when they were on their way to medical waste. She then asks if Lexie wants to be a badass and help her do the ex vivo procedure, and Lexie excitedly agrees -- no stranger to questionable, dark-room medical procedures herself. What neither of them notices is that Charles is watching them through the window. Honestly, why is he still on the show? This role could have been filled by anyone, which could be said for all of his storylines (if you could even call them that) this season. He's there only to help transitions from one scene or story to another, and it's gotten to be obvious and painful that he's just dead weight. I can't imagine this actor, Robert Baker, is thrilled that he got his chance to be on a big network show and this is what he was given. There are just way too many characters on this show right now and they are going to have to start doing some trimming.

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