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Teddy and Hunt run into each other at one of the nurses' stations and are so nervous they do that thing where both start talking at the same time and keep doing it over and over. After talking about work Hunt pauses for an awkward beat and finally suggests that she come over for dinner sometime because while Cristina doesn't cook (my kind of girl) he makes a good lasagna. She agrees, and he seems happy but slightly terrified that she actually said yes. There's another awkward pause which is then broken by his pager and he runs gratefully off. Charles then walks up to Teddy and immediately starts in whining about how he knows that she loves Cristina but those lungs belong to his patient. Teddy is confused and asks him just what lungs he might be talking about.

And cut to an enraged Teddy reading Cristina the riot act for using Teddy's name to steal some lungs. Cristina tries to justify it and Lexie stands up for her by pointing out that the lungs were going to be thrown out, so Cristina was just, "being green." This doesn't console Teddy, who is then pissed about how they're spending thousands of the hospital's dollars on a procedure no one has tried before. As she's yelling, everything clicks into place and she realizes that Cristina is doing this all because Harper Avery is there. To be fair, I would think that Cristina would do this kind of thing just because, and it's just an added bonus that Harper is there. But that is part of Cristina's motivation and she asks Teddy why it's a bad thing before assuring her she can do this surgery. Teddy yells back that her need to win means her priorities are screwy. While Cristina thinks awards push people to be better, Teddy thinks it pushes them to be monsters and I have to say I think it's a little of both. But Lexie manages to cut their argument short when she calls their attention to the fact that whatever they did worked, and the lungs are viable and creepily breathing under the glass.

Teddy then tells Elliott about the lungs but warns him it's a huge risk as it's never been done here and there's no telling if his body could even handle it. He asks Arizona if she recommends it but Arizona defers to Teddy since she's his surgeon this time, though it looks like it pains her to not give her opinion. Jill is back in Full Bitch Mode and knocks the lungs as "hand-me-downs" and when Cristina tries to tell her they are good she pouts that they are just going to sit back and wait for good lungs like Elliott deserves. It's sweet that she's looking out for him, but dude, has she not actually heard anything the docs have said, and has she not noticed that Elliott's lips are grey? By the time your lips are grey, things aren't looking too rosy. He says virtually the same thing but he's much nicer about it, telling her gently that she's been fighting for so long she doesn't realize this is his one chance. He tells her that he's ready for this, and his affairs are in order in case things go wrong, but she doesn't want to hear about his affairs. When he asks if this is his best shot, Teddy admits it's his only shot, and so he puts his hand out to his sister, she grudgingly takes it while shooting scary death glares at the doctors, and he tells the docs to do it.

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