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Storm's a-ragin'. While the lightning flashes dramatically throughout the dark hospital, we see Derek and Cristina round a corner and sprint towards us in slow-motion. I think when they filmed this the two of them weren't running totally full-out because their faces aren't making those awkward, slow, putty-like ugly moves that faces do when you sprint. As we run, Mere tells us a story about a med school professor she had who died after routine surgery because everything that could go wrong, did. Surgeons call this a "perfect storm," and Mere thought it would never happen to her. But the dramatic sprinting is to her bedside, because it totally is.

Five hours earlier, Owen and Cristina are escorting Ethan and Paul up to the helicopter pad so that they can be taken to Seattle Pres. Ethan seems sad and worried, and pleads with Owen to go with them too. This has to be a little bit awkward for Paul, who's in bed all, "But hey! I'm awake now!" It really is probably better for all of them that they are leaving, not just for Owen and his sad, childless heart. Owen paternally pulls up the hood on Ethan's jacket and reassures him before sending him out to the helicopter with the transport guys. As they watch, Cristina brings up the whole adoption idea and is shocked that Owen is trying to act like it's not an issue between them. He insists that this was just about this one particular kid and not about wanting children in general but Cristina is convinced he's lying to himself. He points out that he's not lying about loving and wanting her. But Cristina is scared that one day he'll look at her and resent her for not being able to give him everything he wanted. One of the transport guys runs the gurney back to them and since the doors are still open onto the pad I totally expected some ER-esque dramatic crash, but fortunately all is well. The preposterous accidents are being saved for later. Cristina then gets a page that Mere is in labor.

She's super in labor, in fact, leaning against the bed, breathing through a contraction while Derek comforts her. Cristina points out that they need to talk about her birth plan so that Cristina knows what to bully the doctors and nurses about but Mere is kind of over the planning since the time is actually here. Derek goes off in search of the doctor as the lights flicker ominously and Mere instead asks Cristina if she spoke to Owen. Cristina tries to change the subject back to Mere, asking if her pain level has reached 7 or 8 yet. Mere insists that Cristina talking about Owen will help take her mind off of what's going on in her abdomen, and Cristina answers sadly that she thinks Owen's pain is a 10 right now. Whereas I am at a 1 -- that point on the little illustrated pain chart where the cartoon face is all smiley and content -- because I didn't really find Ethan super compelling as anything but a storytelling tool to drive this wedge in between Owen and Cristina. I mean, he's no adorable munchkin like Zola. So I'm not sad that he and Paul are off to rebuild their own lives off-camera.

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