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Alex is drinking a beer outside to avoid the horror going on with the Box of Fun, and when Mere gets home, he warns her to do the same. He scares her, but she comes over to visit and tells him that the Chief saw her naked, which Alex seems to admire, announcing, "Nice." Just then a car alarm beeps, and Lexie rounds the corner. Mere turns to Alex and reminds him there's no sex in the house, but he didn't invite her. She comes up and glumly invites him for a drink, and as if she's not right there, Mere turns in disgust and says Alex's name. Lexie finally grows some backbone and reminds her there's no rule against them going out for drinks and Mere, regressing with every moment, has the gall to say she's making a rule now that there's no drinking or sleeping with Alex. Lexie demands to know what she ever did to Mere, and Mere tells her to get her own friends. "Get your own life! Stop living in mine!" It seemed impossible for a while, but Lexie's got a limit, and she yells, "Screw you!" before heading to the car to wait for Alex. When she's gone Meredith tries to excuse herself, saying it was mean but that Lexie is everywhere. Alex, in the theme of hot man-whores who actually make pretty sage observations, points out that Meredith keeps saying Lexie isn't her sister and she doesn't want to know her. "So why do you care so much?" Meredith, regressing fully to insolent child, pouts, "I don't," to herself as Alex stalks off.

The next morning, George lies in bed wide awake. Next to him we see that Izzie looks exactly the same, and when the alarm goes off they jump up like the bed is on fire and get dressed and ready for work in record time.

Richard and Derek are in the elevator together, trying not to look at one another. Richard, annoyed, tells him, "All I'm saying is, next time you have company, lock the door." Derek, with the better points, replies, "All I'm saying is, next time you come over, you should knock." They get out of the elevator and go their separate ways. The Chief would have a better argument if he just said, "I'm your boss so I can make up rules," because seriously dude, try knocking.

Alex and Izzie come in to check on Bitchy and Bitchier, but Vicki is gone. After a moment, though, they hear a giggle from behind the curtain around Jerry's room. When they pull it back, they find Vicki and Jerry doing a really awkward horizontal salsa (tm Mark). And sadly for Izzie, Vicki seems to really be enjoying it. Jerry tells them not to look so shocked, but Vicki laughs, "She always looks like that!" and pulls the curtain back around. Alex is happy to assume Jerry finally crapped (and presumably will stop talking about it), but Izzie mopes, "Even they have chemistry."

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