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Dinner And A Movie

Mere is having a much better night, in bed at the trailer with Derek. They ask each other what they did that evening, and each answers, "Nothing." He then points out that it's late, and asks if she's leaving soon. But for the first time in recent history, she smiles and replies, "I just want to lie here for a few more minutes." There's hope for her yet!

George and Izzie are also in bed, and look happy for the first time all hour. They triumphantly brag about how that was even better than their first time -- but fear not, faithful viewers, the euphoria doesn't last. They stop talking and each of their smiles fade, and Izzie accuses, "You're lying." Without missing a beat, George shoots back, annoyed, "Well so are you."

Meredith's voice announces, "Chemistry. Either you've got it, or you don't."

And I might wrap this up by saying that any episode that focuses on how George and Izzie isn't compatible is a great episode in my book, or that even without that, this was a fine, fine hour and seven minutes, but I can't think because of the image I just witnessed in the next episode, which is now SEARED IN MY BRAIN and which has appeared in my nightmares. I'll see you kids next week, if I haven't actually passed out from the absolutely horrific visuals promised -- let's just say that if you can't handle it when bad things happen to good eyeballs, this probably isn't going to be the episode for you.

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