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Unfortunately she runs into the lounge and finds Izzie waiting for her. When Izzie greets her by announcing, "I love George!" Mere breathes, "Oh God." She looks like a cornered animal, which of course Izzie doesn't notice at all. She gazes to the heavens the way a little girl would imagine a grown-up would talk about her True Love, and goes on about how wonderful, perfect and sexy George is, except that he kisses like a chicken. He pecks and pecks at her face, and when he's pecking she forgets that she loves him and that he's sexy and perfect. Meredith looks like she's actually going to turn to dust after all of this, and when Cristina comes in, she runs off to talk to her. Cristina announces that she's painting Burke's apartment so that she'll think of it as her own apartment. "A happy color. Red. Like blood." She's elated that she's on cardio all week, so it comes as a horrible surprise when Alex corrects her that Meredith's down as being with Hahn instead. Always delicate with others' feelings, Alex informs her, "Dude, wake up and smell the surgical board."

The Chief is in the hall, telling off Callie for screwing up scheduling and not having a resident available when a patient coded a few days before. He's pretty unhappy, and orders her to clean up the schedule. He leaves and Bailey walks up, observing, "The Chief had on his stern face." Callie replies that she was in a really good mood because of the prospect of back-to-back surgeries. She then decides to take a bit of advantage of Bailey's offer to help her out, and before she can say anything, Bailey notes warily, "You have on your 'I want something' face." Callie begs her to cover her Chief Resident duties for the day. "Be me! But better. Be you." Before I even knew where this was going, my first thought was that Callie better be careful what she wishes for. She then leaves before Bailey can say no.

Alex walks in to a patient named Jerry's room. Jerry is played by Kurt Fuller, who could compete for the Ultimate Hey, It's That Guy! Crown, but isn't the first thing everyone places him in Wayne's World? If it's just me, I don't want to know. Jerry is massively constipated post-surgery, incredibly grouchy, and likes to say "crap" a lot. He's generally a pain in the ass, demanding to know if the surgery was botched, and cuts off Alex's answer to talk about how, throughout every sucky part of his life, "The one thing I had going for me is I crap like clockwork. I want it back." Maybe after he gets it back, he should look into cultivating a hobby or something else a little more socially acceptable to give him a reason to live. He demands Alex write him a prescription that will fix him, and Alex seems to barely contain his exasperation.

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