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Addison! It's a good episode when it starts out with a shot of her looking somewhat smug. She's darkened her hair up and I like it best when it's redder, but beggars can't be choosers. Besides, she's totally still hot. Meredith starts out this week's VO: "Great surgeons aren't made, they're born. It takes gestation, incubation, sacrifice. A lot of sacrifice. But, after all the blood and guts and gooey stuff has washed away, that surgeon you've become? Totally worth it." Addie seems to have spent a long time standing there based on the special effects of people whizzing around her like ghosts when Bailey comes up and greets her. Addie reminds Bailey and the viewing audience that she's only there for a surgery, which clearly bums out Bailey (and me.) Bailey gets her set up with keys, etc. when Richard comes up and excitedly announces, "You're back!" and she reminds him she isn't back. Oh boy, a funny little theme. I'm done recapping it as of now. He assures her that once she's back in surgery she'll decide to be back, and Addie says that things never change around there. Well, yes and no, Addison.

Hahn and Callie arrive at work making cute-talk about sunrise yoga and I must say that they really are amping up the flirting in between the two. Cristina runs up and, like a desperate puppy, hands over the films and pertinent info for a surgery that day and asks who is going to be assigned the surgery. She reminds Hahn that she diagnosed it, but still in a pathetic, shrinking, non-Cristina way. Hahn just takes the films and leaves. Callie gives her a shrug and takes off.

Meredith is geared up and excited for the first day of her clinical trial and while she chatters, Izzie tries to rain on her parade. Meredith (very correctly) points out that she's jealous, which Izzie actually concedes. Cristina comes over and bitches some more about Hahn not talking to her while Izzie winds her up by saying that they talked all the time when they worked together. Cristina points out that she isn't living in the clinic like Izzie, but Iz defends herself by saying that the clinic is her "happy place." If only it was a place we never had to visit -- Then it would be my happy place too. Cristina wants Mere to use the Sparkle Pager to get her on Hahn's surgery and even tries to steal it (while Izzie screams like a child in the background) but Mere won't do it, grabs the pager, and happily trots off to find her "path to medical history. "

Meredith and Derek are on the way to see their first patient. His enzyme levels or something like that are all better than they expected, but Derek warns Mere that this still isn't actually good and that she shouldn't get her hopes up. She assures him that they aren't and they shake hands before starting. Addie comes up just in time to see them together and after an awkward moment gives them both big hellos and actually hugs Meredith, pointing out that she just hugged Meredith. "You stole my husband from me and I hugged you... I've grown!" She assures them that she's thrilled for the "happy couple" and then goes on to say that she's at one with herself now that she's in L.A. As someone writing this recap just blocks from the beach and the supposed location of her clinic, let me assure all of you that not all of us -- nay, NONE of us -- Angelenos are going around talking about how we're at one with ourselves. I'm also not eating granola, nor do I have either a yoga mat or a surfboard propped up in my closet. Feeling weird after being called a couple, Mere and Derek split up to do rounds.

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