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I [Heart] Addison

Addison is kicking back with Richard and admits that she misses some parts about being there. Richard jumps on the opening and tells her he'll do the paperwork that night so that she can start tomorrow. But she tells him it was good to come back to see that leaving was the right choice, and tells him he has to fill her position. Izzie runs by and yells, "I was Gandhi. I was so freaking Gandhi, I kicked Gandhi's ass!" Addie laughs while Richard looks confused and she just tells him it's an L.A. thing. He really should be used to much weirder stuff than that by now.

George is in street clothes when he finds Izzie, who asks snottily if he's late for his party. George tells her that he'll blow it off, and that he'd rather hang out with her anyway. She laughs but in a surprising moment of maturity tells him to go. Before he does, George admits to her that when someone says something funny, he always looks around to see if she thinks it's funny too -- even if she's not there. He's telling this story to the floor and she just looks at him and tells him again to go, which he finally does.

Derek gets on the elevator and Meredith follows him in. The funny music alerts us to shenanigans! She stands behind him as Addison gets on, smirks at the situation, and takes her own position in the other corner. Just as the doors start to close, Rose catches them and jumps on. Derek looks like a midget next to all of these amazons, and seems like he's trying to disappear into his scarf. One floor down, the doors open and Mark looks in and bursts out laughing. As he saunters in he remarks, "I bet you wish you'd taken the stairs right about now."

Since it's nighttime, it must be voiceover time. "Giving birth may be all intense and magical and stuff, but the act itself -- it's not exactly pleasant." Everyone has gathered at Joe's, natch. Meredith and Cristina are talking at the bar while Mark orders a beer. "But it's also the beginning. Of something incredible." Incredible beginnings, party of two: While Hahn, Addie and Callie laugh over drinks, Hahn reaches over and very carefully gets a hair out of Callie's lip gloss, while Callie looks at Addison like a deer in the headlights and then tosses back a shot of tequila. We all know what happens after tequila, boys, and girls. On cue Mark comes up and asks one of them to dance. Addie and Hahn shoot him down but Callie jumps up excitedly and starts swiveling her hips on the dance floor. She looks absolutely incredible, and Hahn's gaze follows her out. Cristina pops up then to take a shot at speaking Girl. Her way is to ask Hahn if she doesn't like her because she is Asian. Hahn's taken aback as Cristina asks, "Why won't you teach me?" Clearly summoning all of her strength to not roll her eyes and to not bite her head off she tells Cristina: "You're not without skill. You're not without talent. So stop seeking my approval! I'm not going to tell you what a good little girl you are. It's not my job. And frankly it doesn't make you any better at yours." Cristina starts to absorb this and walks away. Once she's gone, Addison asks if maybe Hahn was a little hard on her. Anyone who has ever seen any TV show or movie ever can guess what's coming next: Hahn admits, "She reminds me of me."

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