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Mere's VO adds, "Something true." Hahn watches Callie dance and grind up on Mark, and Addie comments that she's pretty. Hahn, her eyes never leaving Callie, declares, "She's beautiful." Callie proves her Love of Penis by asking Mark if he wants to get out of there, which he can't do fast enough. Callie never glances back at Hahn, who looks somewhat heartbroken.

Over in the corner, the interns are all laughing at a joke and George turns and looks for Izzie. I'm very happy to report that she's not there. VO: "Something worth missing." She's still at the hospital, waiting for Ava's lab results. When she gets them, she notices they don't look right and figures there's been a mix-up.

Addie heads out of Joe's but before she does, she turns to give Meredith a piece of her Los-Angelesified mind. She tells Mere that she walks on the beach, buys aromatherapy candles, and is very Zen. If I wasn't writing this while windsurfing and eating something macrobiotic, I'd throw my hands up in defeat, but lord knows I don't want to lose my sail. Addie finishes that she wants to kick Meredith's ass, much to Mere's surprise. She asks if she's really going to let Derek get away and adds, "Because I swear to God, Meredith, if you let him ride off into the sunset with that doe-eyed little thing..." But she catches herself, stops, and leaves before she can finish. Aromatherapy candles are calling. Mere watches her go, looking thoughtful.

And the reason Izzie was confused? Because it turns out Ava really is a psycho crazy stalker who is totally not pregnant at all! Too bad she's finally got Alex in her clutches, and he reaches out and puts a hand on her tummy as the VO concludes, "Something that will change your life. Forever." Forever, or at least until he wakes up to find himself locked in a basement and Ava running around Seattle in a fake pregnancy belly, looking for babies to steal to complete their happy family.

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