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Forget baby surgery -- Addison's found what she needs to do and that's holler at Derek for breaking up with Meredith and for allowing her to hug her former rival. He won't tell her anything, though, so she asks about the clinical trial. He tells her, "Well, if it doesn't go well I'm killing people for sport!" He admits how scary this is for him, that usually in surgery he's the expert but here he's just experimenting and hoping. "She wants greatness from me. She's expecting greatness." And clearly, Rose should be expecting heartbreak. Addison asks what he's doing and he replies, "Seeing somebody else. She's lovely. She's really lovely." "Lovely" has never been a ringing endorsement when said in the flat, unconvincing tone he's using right now.

Ava, for whom this hospital seems to have no boundaries, is in the locker room with Alex, who gripes at her for paging him and maintains that he can't deal with this right now because of his big surgery. She tells him she's as scared and confused as he is, to which he immediately denies that he's scared. He just asserts that he is horrible father material, and tells her that her husband doesn't need to know the baby isn't his. Ava won't accept that and orders, "I'm just asking you to get over yourself for one minute and talk to me. So we can figure this thing out. Together." She clearly knows less about him than she thinks, because rather than sitting down for a little heart-to-heart, he walks out of the room.

He's not exactly in the right frame of mind to meet with patients, but there he is while Addison explains to Nikki how she will deliver the baby. When Nikki asks about complications, her husband pipes up to say that they can't think like that, and that nothing else is wrong with their son, adding that their intention is to have a strong, happy, healthy baby. Really? That's your intention? Not to have a baby born unhappy and with lots of medical problems? Sheesh. Alex cuts in to ask if he understands what they are saying, which is that the baby will probably need a lot more surgery. Hubby counters that chances are he won't. It's what breaks Alex, who argues that they can't cross their fingers and hope this goes away. Bailey yells his name sharply, and cut to...

Outside the room, where he maintains he was just trying to prepare them. There's preparing them, and there's taking out your emotions about your kind of creepy ex-sort-of-girlfriend springing a pregnancy on you at your workplace. He tells Addie and Bailey that the baby will be screwed up because his parents are unprepared. "They want to talk about loving each other as if, AS IF that has ANYTHING to do with having the ability to raise a baby! A sick baby!" Bailey will only tell him that right now he's feeling all of his feelings out in the open, and he needs to stuff them back in. Addie points out that it's interesting advice -- what's also interesting is that someone is actually recognizing a blatant metaphor for once. Bailey just tells her not to start.

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