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All this action, and it's only lunchtime. Addie is out enjoying the Seattle sun and Callie walks over to join her. Before she can sit she's stopped by Cristina, who tells her that Hahn is no longer allowed in the apartment. Callie's totally confused and Cristina explains that Hahn is unfair and refuses to teach her. She lists all of the prosperous programs where she was accepted and indignantly squeaks, "And she won't teach me!" All that was missing was a foot stomp. Callie tells her calmly that "Erica" (Yeah, I can't. That sounds too weird. She's "Hahn" to me) is a good listener and that Cristina should tell her how she feels. Has she met Cristina? Or ever witnessed the exchanges between the two? But if she weren't all admiring and glowing, the next scene wouldn't seem quite as natural, would it? Cristina rolls her eyes at the suggestion and answers, "Tell her how I feel? Well, I don't speak Girl." With that she takes off. Callie apologizes and mentions to Addie that she and Cristina are now roommates. Addie doesn't respond, but just seductively takes a bit of potato chip. Well, as seductively as one can take a loud bite of potato chip. Callie wonders what that look is for and Addie asks, "Are you speaking the vagina monologues now?" Oh, ADDISON. Is that the best euphemism you can come up with? Callie is taken aback while Addie reassures her how wonderful she thinks it is, and when Callie asks if she thinks they're a couple because she defended her to Cristina, Addison replies that she thinks they're a couple because they act like a couple. Well, they didn't necessarily before, but she's got something today. Callie giggles nervously and exclaims that she is insane. "I like penis! I mean, I'm a huge, huge fan of penis." And man, do the writers love that they can say "penis" on TV. She declares that Addison has been in L.A. too long. You know, because we assume everyone is gay.

George carries his tray into the cafeteria and immediately his name is called by both Lexie and Izzie. While he stands, torn and spineless, Lexie jumps in front of him to tell him that she's only the messenger, and that the interns are going to drop out of the darts tournament if Izzie comes along since no one wants to get drunk and play darts with their boss. Cue a Nelson Muntz, "Ha Ha!" Especially since getting drunk and playing darts with one's boss seems like a rite of passage at this hospital, except when it comes to Izzie. George can't believe he has to uninvite her and glumly goes and sits. Izzie comes up to ask what the conversation was about, more, "Special plans with your special friends?" Sorry he can actually make friends and all you can do is alienate people, Izzie.

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