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What is a girl to do when her daughter has been taken away and her marriage is crumbling? Why, deliver other people's babies, of course. It's not shocking that she seems to be struggling a little to keep the smile on her face with each new crying infant. She VO's something about how babies cry when they need something but how, as adults, we become more difficult and start to hide our feelings. These voiceovers have been really reaching a few times this season; I would argue that even though babies cry you don't always know what they mean by it, but I suppose babies are cute and thematic with Mere's current problems, so we'll shoehorn this VO in.

Callie is in bed and woken by a kiss from her wife. She's happy and from her voice thinks maybe this is going to be an extra-special, va-va-voom kind of waking up but they are immediately joined by Mark, who happily plops down and puts a tray of food in front of her. She's much less interested in eggs than smooches. I'm a little bit interested in the idea of jalapeno-infused bacon which Mark and Arizona are serving with their eggs Benedict, and Mark happily announces that tomorrow they are having short ribs infused with cabernet. Callie does not share their culinary joy and just wants coffee so she can prepare for her big surgery that day.

Mere continues her VO to say that when we grow up we start to hide our feelings and put up walls. Very literally, Bailey has put up a wall -- or rather, a door -- to the research lab and changed the locks so that Richard can't get in. He finds it unfair, but she doesn't really care.

Or rather, she cares so much that she wants to keep him out of the lab to prevent him from finding out that something has started to go wrong with the trial -- 20% of the mice with the implants are now diabetic again. April is now assisting Bailey and both are freaking out about it, but while April wants to tell Richard, Bailey forbids it. Bailey tries to tell April that she picked her to assist on the trial because she's great at working on challenging projects, but April knows full well that Bailey picked her because everyone else turned her down. Bailey insists that April is a problem-solver anyway, but April seems more scared than inspired by Bailey's panic.

Owen has gathered the fifth-year residents in the locker room to drive home just how hard this year will be, and how everything they do will go on their record. Mere runs in late sporting pink scrubs and is ruthlessly mocked by the guys for having to work in OB. Alex's balls seem to be re-growing since he even gets in a dig about how she misses Zola so much that her uterus hurts. That's pretty ballsy (I'm sorry, I couldn't help it) for a guy who just last week was discussing their diminutive metaphorical size. Cristina yells at them on Mere's behalf but then quietly advises Mere that slumming it in OB is fine, "But wearing the Vagina Squad's scrubs in public is not." I don't know if the very room in which she'd have to put them on and likewise take them off is actually considered public but I think Cristina just means, "Anywhere that anyone they might possibly know might possibly see her."

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