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Callie is back at work on Tyler's neck and is having some trouble getting the cage to fit. Mark is in the OR and asks if she needs help, but she tells him she's fine. Cristina has become a surrender monkey and immediately suggests that they do the fusion instead. As they argue, Arizona runs in to discuss dinner with Mark; there's a crisis since no one has time to go to the butcher! If looks could kill, Callie would have vaporized them both over her surgical mask. She finally yells at them to shut up about dinner and declares that she's closing Tyler back up so that she can come up with a new, non-fusion solution. Between Mark's elation that this now gives him time to go to the butcher and Cristina suddenly displaying less spine than even Tyler has, she might just need time for her blood pressure to lower a bit before she gets back to work.

With Mary's scans up in 3D on a screen in the room, Derek talks to them excitedly about how her tumor is different from any others he has seen before: it has smooth edges, so would be easier to cut around. Mary, cradling Emma, stops and asks Derek if he's really saying what she thinks he's saying. If he's saying he wants to go dig around in her brain with a sharp implement, then yes! Mary is elated but Clay is wary, and Lexie's telling them that Derek is great just isn't enough to cut the mustard. They start to argue and finally he yells "Emma," just like she yelled "brain tumor" earlier. Her face falls, knowing that this means he's serious. He's terrified that she might die and Emma wouldn't even have the promised six months with her mom. He pleads with her, and as she sadly looks at Derek we crash to commercial.

Meredith is working hard on her mouse research when Alex comes in, but she doesn't seem upset and admits she would be annoyed that April dumped the work on her but it turns out she's good at it. She also shows Alex the secret snack drawer she discovered and, well, everything is better with snacks. Personally, though, I'd rather have Brenda's snack drawer in The Closer because hers is filled with chocolate and other unhealthy delights while April has peanuts and granola bars and the like. April comes in and has the gall to moan at how messy Mere has made her office, so Mere points out that she's doing this to help April and orders her to get a healthy mouse. April moans about how she can't pull a mouse out from under Bailey's nose which makes Alex mock her voice once again so she puts on her creepy deep voice, congratulates Mere on a job well done, and leaves to go get a healthy rodent. Cristina comes in and moans about her case, asking the others what would happen if she took her name off of it. Alex thinks she should do it and then mentions the TAVI procedure, which Cristina immediately tells him is a giant risk. Lexie then runs in to tell Meredith about how she finally got Derek to look at the scans and he can get the tumor, but they aren't doing it because Clay is too nervous and convinced Mary not to. Mere asks her questions about how she tried to help and when she realizes that Lexie might not have been super convincing, she gets up and leaves to fix things, mumbling about how she has to do everything herself. Over on the sofa, Alex looks over Cristina's shoulder at her phone and compliments her on how hot the texts are. Coming from Alex, that's high praise from a master.

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