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Meredith walks out to the parking lot (still in pink scrubs, which really does look kind of weird, and I say that as someone who has a closet full of pink clothes) and finds an aggravated Clay trying to snap the car seat into his car. Meredith offers to help and it takes her approximately two seconds to get it set. That's kind of like last Christmas, when me, my mom and my dad all couldn't get the base of the borrowed car seat out of the car after twenty minutes of struggling, but our friend came over and did it in half a second. Now at least we know a baby isn't going anywhere in one of those. She casually mentions that she heard they talked to Derek, and Clay immediately opens up to her. He is scared because Derek's the only surgeon to think this is possible, and that he just wants his little family to have a few months together rather than nothing, even if that makes him the bad guy. He says that they made the decision months earlier, knowing they'd be too emotional after the baby came. I got the impression there wasn't much of a decision to be made and that no one but our own Wonder Surgeon thought this was operable, but let's go with it. Meredith gently points out that now that Mary has met and held her baby, she wants more time. Clay wants that too and cries that he's not ready for Mary to die; Meredith tells him that Mary feels the same way, but that's why she wants to fight. I don't actually think that Lexie was incapable of having this sort of discussion, but then we wouldn't get to see Meredith work all of her magic behind the scenes.

And she definitely works that magic well, because the next thing we see is Derek and a team wheeling Mary down the hall. She's holding Emma and having a conversation with Clay about what women they know who he might be able to marry, but Clay's having a pretty hard time playing along. Before they wheel her past the point of no return she thanks him, and they cry as she promises to see him soon. Emma starts to cry, so now the whole family is in tears, and Clay takes her and stares sadly after them as they take Mary to surgery. Derek turns and looks back through the window to give Clay a nod of assurance. "I'm awesome. I've got this," I like to think is his inner monologue.

Tyler is back in surgery and Callie is still having a hard time. Cristina is super worried and as things get more and more tense, she announces that as the co-surgeon on the case, she recommends they abandon this and do the standard fusion. Callie is sick to death of this and yells back that they aren't quitting, and the two keep yelling at each other until alarms start to blare. That's it for Cristina, and she announces that she's taking her name off the case. But wait, the nurse points out that an electrode popped out. Callie reaches down and reattaches the wire, and everything goes back to normal. Then, after a pointed moment, Callie tells Cristina fine, her name is off the case. She then decides to try a different approach entirely and Cristina is shocked that there's another option, but Callie points out that she shouldn't care since she's off the case now. She then yells at her to go, and Cristina looks rightfully subdued and ashamed.

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