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We're treated to some more Dramatic Drums but they slowly come to a Dramatic Halt as we see Bailey reading over Meredith's research. Richard walks in, responding to her page, and rather hilariously feigns surprise when she admits that some of the mice are hypoglycemic. "Whaaaaaaaaat?" Grudgingly, she admits that Meredith seems to be the one to have figured out what went wrong. She's also overwhelmed that now she has several weeks' worth of tests to run on the mice along with, oh yes, her actual patients. Before Richard can suggest it she reiterates that there's no way she's going to use Meredith, and for once he lets that be and just tells her instead that help will show up. He then orders her to go home and get some rest. After she leaves, he looks at Mouse Q and tells the little dude, "Don't worry kid, I got your back." The two people dismissed from trials working together in secret on one of those trials when one of those people has been having issues with her husband stemming from her secretly breaking rules? This is a super sound idea, guys.

After work at Joe's, Jackson has miraculously reappeared so that Lexie can exclaim over how amazing it was to watch Derek operate. Alex is moping about what Teddy said to him when April walks up, snatches his beer away, and begins to lecture him. She only gets as far as telling him that what he said to her was awful before he starts to yell at her again, so she puts on a serious voice -- a little more refined and less uncomfortable than her first attempts earlier in the day -- and gives them all their work orders for the rest of the week. She then adds that if they argue, she'll take them off of the surgical board indefinitely. Finally, Alex has no comeback, so April chirps that since she got fired from the trial, she's going to spend the night drinking and flirting with boys. She chugs the rest of Alex's beer and skips away while the others stare after her, kind of shellshocked.

Outside, Cristina runs up and practically tackles Owen and they make out. He finally peels her off of him for a moment to tell her that he really does have to start acting like the Chief, so they can't Do It anymore in the hospital. She tries to act cool as she agrees but it's immediately evident that now they don't know what to say to each other. He asks if she wants to go to dinner and she agrees, but then she suggests they can go home and have sex instead, and he grins and takes her up on that offer. Meredith VO's that it's not always easy to speak your mind, so sometimes we need to be forced to do it.

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