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Now that the baby has arrived, Mary no longer seems possessed by the devil and Meredith and Lexie watch through the window as she and Clay cuddle with new baby Emma. In ten years, the number of Emmas running around is going to equal the number of Jennifers that I knew when I was growing up, when everyone had to tack on at least their last initial to know who the teacher was actually calling on in class. Meredith explains to Lexie that Mary has a butterfly tumor, so called because it is in both sides of her brain. Lexie thinks it was fairly selfish for a woman to choose to have a baby when she knew she was going to die, but Mere's not worried about this for Little (Future) Orphan Emma's well being -- she got Mary's scans and wants Lexie to take them to Derek so that he'll have an interesting case. Lexie has no interest in doing so and points out that Meredith is using her to get around the "no talking about neuro" rule but Meredith just counters that if Derek is happy and inspired, he'll probably stop yelling at Lexie. Meredith is a regular medical Cyrano de Bergerac. Or, if we're talking about my Jennifer-heavy school years and the movie that was a must at every slumber party, she's Steve Martin in Roxanne.

Cristina runs down Alex in the hall and tries to talk him into trading surgeries, but he already knows what's up and thinks she just wants an easy case. Teddy walks up behind them and hears them arguing, so Cristina very maturely tries to tattle on him that he said her service is easy. This just leads to another conversation about Alex's less-than-stellar record which he again blames on "dud patients." He and Teddy walk in to meet their patient and lying in bed is the Six Million Dollar Man himself. I guess when he got all those bionic limbs they forgot to reinforce all of his aortic valves, so he now needs open heart surgery to fix one. Today, Col. Steve Austin is going as "Chuck." Chuck is sporting silk pajamas, like you do when you're in the hospital, and gets worried as Alex describes the surgery. It turns out, though, that he's less worried about the procedure than he is about the scar -- he is a playboy of the senior pool scene and he thinks once he has a scar the ladies will suddenly see him only as unhealthy and will also figure the sex will be bad. Alex tries to argue but Teddy cuts him off and tells Chuck that they will see what they can do.

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