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Once surgery is over, Cristina goes to find her husband in his not-office they flirt a bit and then get right down to business; Owen promises to be quick so that Cristina can go check on her patient. They disappear behind the table so all that can be seen is his work and a half-eaten ginger maple scone. We hear zippers unzipping but then Richard walks in, and Owen's head and then Cristina's head appear from down below. She pops up while yanking up her pants and runs out of the room, just letting Owen know he should keep his phone on. Once she's gone, Richard can only exclaim, "In the conference room??" He warns Owen to act like a Chief, exclaims over the locale once more, and then leaves, shaking his head. Seriously, I have no idea how the conference room became such a popular venue this season.

Derek is not happy to learn that Lexie still hasn't found a particular article he asked her for two days before. Isn't she the Lexipedia? I'm surprised she didn't read it once and now have it memorized. Regardless, she wants to show him the butterfly tumor scan. Derek isn't interested because of its being known as inoperable, but Lexie tells him that the woman just had a baby and this is a very sad story, so she thought maybe he could do a consult. Even a bleeding heart like me thinks she did a crappy job selling this, so a hardass like Derek certainly isn't going to be swayed. He tells her to remind the patient that this is inoperable, and then orders her to find the article ASAP.

Lexie passes April as she leaves and calls out that she can't cover the ER as planned since she has to do research for Derek. April can only sputter, which is also an ineffectual way of convincing somebody of something, and she certainly doesn't get Lexie to agree to honor her previous work commitment. Bailey then finds her and asks about the mouse labs she was supposed to get. April tells her that she was in surgery all day trying not to fall behind; the excuse goes over about as well as you would expect. She orders April to take care of the labs now and then adds that it's hard to be a team when only one of them cares about what they are doing.

Tyler is out of surgery and lying flat on a bed with big foam pads all around him like some sort of 3D corpse outline. Callie tells him that they will be installing the cage the next day and advises him to get some rest. His parents then each offer to stay but then start to fight with each other about who will do it and finally, Tyler pointedly asks Callie if visiting hours are over. She happily tells them they are, and ushers them out. She then comforts Tyler that surgery brings out the worst in people but he stares at the ceiling (with nothing in his neck right now he doesn't really have a choice) and sadly says that marriage brings out the worst in them. While he's grateful for their help, he plans to move out the second that he's well enough to do so. She obviously feels for the poor guy and tells him that he can at least get some rest now and pulls up the blanket. The next thing he knows, however, is the rude awakening of Cristina running something over his toes to make sure he still has no nerve damage. He's not happy at all to hear that she's going to be doing this every 30 minutes all night long.

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