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Mere is home and brushing her teeth when Derek joins her -- she's surprised that he is home so early but he just grumps about his boring cases. She asks some really broad questions to try and figure out if he learned about the beautiful butterfly tumor but when it seems like he didn't, she excuses herself.

She then goes and confronts Lexie while she is taking a shower. Lexie isn't super excited to have this conversation while naked and wet, but Meredith is so wound up that she doesn't notice, and manages to find out that Lexie tried to show Derek the scans but did a pretty pathetic job of it. Meredith tells her all the things she has to do and say to get Derek the "tumor junkie" to take notice, and then realizes she's going to have to write this down because for some reason, a naked and wet Lexie isn't totally focused on what she is saying at the moment.

April finds Alex waiting for test results and chooses to talk to him even though he's already pissed off from the waiting. She tries to tell him that he's got to cover the OR but Alex turns her down flat and frustrates her so much that she finally screams down the hallway, asking him if he can, "just be a person for a second." Of all of the things Alex has gone through lately, this is what seems to push his buttons the most, and he turns and gets right up in April's face to tell her how horrible she is at her job. He informs her that she's too frantic and has no authority, and then raises his voice to really badly try and imitate how nasally and high hers gets. His voice goes back to his own as he yells at her to deal with her own crap, and she's left standing alone in the hallway, looking positively adrift.

Cristina has stayed vigilant and is testing Tyler's reflexes yet again. Apparently she has also tried to get some shut-eye between check-ins and Tyler informs her that she snores. Cristina knows and answers that she has been told it's adorable, but Tyler counters that it's very much not. He's a little bit annoyed by sleep deprivation but generally good-natured... at least until his parents arrive in a cloud of arguments. She insults him for not checking traffic, he insults her for offering Tyler a doughnut for breakfast. Cristina jumps in and informs them that he can't eat before surgery, so Tyler's dad gloats about being right. Cristina pulls the doughnuts away from all of them (what do you want to bet she'll wind up eating one even though she used the excuse that they are unhealthy?) and Tyler just stares straight ahead, eyes glazed over, trying to will himself out of the room.

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