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Dear Callie

What better way to kick off an episode than with a shirtless Mark doing pushups? As he pushes away, Meredith VOs, "Surgeons aren't complacent people. We don't put our feet up, we don't sit still. Whatever the game is, we like to win. And once we win, we get a new game." Mark is clearly trying to be positive as he goes through making his morning coffee, but eventually his face falls (as he seems to have trouble operating a coffee maker). Callie then walks in all optimistic that today is the day she's going to invent "cartilage in a bottle," but Mark barely notices and flops dramatically to the couch while complaining that because Callie and Derek told him to stop sleeping with nurses and drug reps, that's now all he can think about. He admits to being lonely and unhappy and not knowing what to do about it, clearly hoping that Callie is going to change her mind and say that screwing his way through the hospital staff will totally help. Instead, she tells him to find a grown woman who wants what he wants and then date her. She insists this is how grown-ups do it but he whines that he doesn't know what being a grown-up means. I was about to say, "It means not whining and dramatically flopping on the couch in a funk," but then I have to admit that I've totally done that and I know my friends have too -- sometimes a good, wallowing flop is what you need. However, once you've done that it's a good idea to try and snap yourself out of it, and Mark doesn't seem willing or able to do that yet.

Hunt meets his Patient Of The Week, a woman named Audrey who has been through every cancer treatment in the book, except for surgery, because she is convinced it won't work. Her husband Don, clearly having had this conversation before, assures Hunt that they want to hear all of the options. Richard is walking by and overhears as Audrey reminds everyone that she has a tumor the size of a football wrapped around her organs, and that trying to cut it out will kill her.

Mere continues, "We push ourselves. Residents, attendings -- it doesn't matter how much we achieve. If you're a climber, there's always another mountain." Hunt comes out of the room to find Cristina working at a desk there and Richard looking at the scans. He remarks totally casually about the tumor, and Cristina's ears perk up while an oblivious Hunt says they probably won't be operating. With wide-eyed innocence, Richard asks if he could take a stab at it, adding that he probably won't be doing this for many more years and so he might not have many more chances to look at football-sized tumors. Hunt hands her right over but Cristina starts whispering and shaking her head at him; Richard notices and pointedly asks if she has work to do. Hunt hands over the chart, and Cristina drops her head in her hands, dismayed. Once Richard has walked away she explains to Hunt that this is a huge case and that Richard just totally played him to steal it for himself. Hunt realizes this is true and goes tearing after a smiling, satisfied Richard.

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