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Dear Callie

Bailey is pacing in an on-call room when Callie responds to her page, but because she's so in her own world she once again looks surprised when she finds out that Bailey paged her. She's even more surprised when it turns out Bailey is nervous about condoms. Callie really is wrapped up in her work here because she's generally a better friend than this -- it should be no surprise after all of her other conversations with Bailey. Bailey wants to know if she should be the one to bring them and Callie assures her the guy will do it. She then admits she figured Bailey was a diaphragm girl and gets a lecture from Bailey about how diaphragms only protect against pregnancy and dude, isn't she a doctor? It's well deserved. Then she goes back on her own advice, admitting that sometimes the guy won't have them on the third date as a sign of respect, so Bailey should probably bring some after all. It's way too much for Bailey to handle; she's clearly on the verge of having a complete meltdown. She gives Callie a pleading look that Callie correctly interprets is a request to go get some condoms for her friend, but Callie thinks Bailey can do it on her own. Bailey uses this to get some of her regular mojo back and orders Callie not to make her ask twice.

Mere and Hunt are in surgery, and despite Richard's having helped talk Audrey in to it, he and Cristina are watching from the gallery. Hunt and Mere are having trouble telling liver from tumor. Up above, Richard tells Cristina he's sorry she's not on the winning team. She admits it sucks but gives him props for a ballsy play with the method he proposed, and he tells her (counter to Hunt's opinion of him) that he likes to keep it fresh. Down below they are starting to have a problem, and when Cristina calls down to ask if she can help Hunt hollers back that he needs Richard's help.

Mark is crying on Callie's shoulder about the day's events, and actually says he doesn't know why Teddy thinks he's a piece of meat. Mark, it's because you act like a piece of meat. Callie tells him to just move on and find someone else, but Mark shuffles along and complains about every suggestion she makes -- lunch isn't romantic, and daylight and getting to know each other is the least sexy thing ever. Callie reminds him that he wants more than sex and when he won't stop moping, finally realizes that he really is that insecure. She assures him that he's a good person (while also complimenting his skills in bed) and asks why he thinks Lexie fell for him? He just says that she left, but Callie counters that she was too young, and that it was about Lexie and not Mark. Really?? Are we still sticking to that story? Because the story I saw involved Lexie not being ready for an insta-family, yes, but also involved Mark's not involving her in some pretty major life decisions. Let's not heap this all on Lexiepedia here. Callie realizes Mark still doesn't believe her but assures him that he's worth getting to know in the daylight.

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