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Richard has gone down to the OR and is working with Hunt, but they argue a bit about the best approach to take and Hunt seems on the verge of panicking. He wants to take out the liver, so Richard asks why he doesn't do that? Richard could then clean it all up ex vivo while Hunt worked on her vessels. Cristina and Mere are impressed as no one has tried this before, which -- seriously. Last week doing that ex vivo lung procedure was this huge new thing but now it's just casually thrown out as an option? It seems to warrant a less flippant tone of voice about it, at least. But at any rate, Audrey starts to crash and Hunt declares that they will go for it. It should be noted that for all his bravado, Hunt is still definitely the younger doctor while Richard seems totally in control of the OR.

Teddy comes out and reports to Molly that Todd is going to be fine. Molly is a bundle of nerves, wondering if she thinks Todd will even want to see her after she stormed out earlier. She admits that she loves him and acted crazy, but she has a very sympathetic audience and Teddy assures her that when you feel like you love someone more than he loves you back, it will make you kind of crazy.

Richard and Hunt were obviously successful as Don and a girl I presume is their daughter are shaking hands with the docs joyously. Cristina, Mere and Avery are watching this and Cristina tries to angle for the award on Richard's behalf. Mere shoots her down, pointing out that Hunt was already halfway done when he had Richard come help, so Cristina pouts that it's a waste that there will be no Harper Avery. Yes, all they have to fall back on is saving a woman's life -- what a pathetic consolation. Avery pipes up, not to tell her that, but to say that it wasn't a waste because this was why the award was created in the first place -- to push surgeons to take it to the next level even if they were already at the top. He does sound a little like an informational video and Cristina mocks him, replying, "This message was brought to you by the Harper Avery Foundation of America." Mere laughs as she goes on, and Avery calls her a bitch and storms away. He's got a little bit of time yet before he can come to terms with his famous family like Mere finally did. Hunt comes up and needs something written up, so Cristina takes the chart and heads off to do it, still giggling at herself. Hunt then compliments Meredith on a job well done, and calls them a good team. With a Cheshire cat grin, Mere tells him that they aren't a team; she and Cristina are a team. She points out that she saw his reaction to Mark and Teddy, and Hunt tries to laugh it off by saying Teddy is a friend while, "Mark Sloan is a public health hazard." Meredith cuts right to it and says he was jealous, and while he looks at her, surprised, she basically tells him that Cristina is now happy after a long battle to get there, and that if Hunt screws it up she'll cut off his balls, essentially. "That's a team." I don't know why he was directed to look surprised, here -- he has already shown that he understands how deep the friendship is between these two. He was the one that came up with the "Twisted Sisters" moniker, for goodness' sake.

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