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Dear Callie

We see Molly sitting by Todd's bed, Jim and Kelly sitting with Noah, and Audrey's daughter sitting at her bedside while a female singer begins wailing to cue that we're wrapping things up.

Arizona is eating Chinese food from the box while a dejected Callie keeps working on her cartilage. Just as she's about to give up, though, she realizes that whatever is in the tube is no longer liquid, and she scrambles and looks at her formula with cautious excitement. She tells Arizona that she's been on fire today, not just with her research but with the relationship advice that people were asking her for. Let's just ignore the fact that Mark asked for nothing and that she kept prodding him along -- it's close enough, right? She's just thrilled that she is seen as someone sane and healthy enough to give advice, whether or not it's taken. She's thrilled because she knows that not THAT long ago she wouldn't have been regarded at all as someone qualified to help with romantical issues. Arizona sincerely tells her that she's amazing and Callie corrects that they are amazing as the stable couple everyone else aspires to be. She then indulges in a daydream about their future, ten years down the road, in a big house with kids running around. Arizona loves the idea, but just nixes the part about the kids and shudders. Callie thinks she is joking, seeing as how she's in pediatrics, but Arizona says it's just that -- the long, clunky storyline of today was meant to show how hard it is to have kids and worry that you're going to break them, and how she knows that after a scare like the idiot parents had they will never sleep well again. She's totally oblivious to Callie's reaction and starts yapping about the house again -- like dropping a "no kids" bomb is on par with saying she doesn't like the same toppings on her pizza that Callie likes. Seriously, Arizona has been created as a more in-tune character than this, and it makes me mad. Because Callie is obviously really, really bothered.

Mark walks out to where Teddy is talking to Alex and once she's done, she walks over to Mark and nervously tells him that she'd love to have dinner if he's up for it. Alex watches as Mark says he's going to take her to lunch instead so that they can get to know each other in broad daylight and see if they are interested in the same future, because he wants to build a life and a family and isn't wasting time on someone who doesn't share that. Dude. Even for the woman who wants that -- that intro is WAY too strong and he's going to have the ladies bolting like the roadrunner while he is left looking confused like Wile E. Coyote. However, this is the end of the episode and things need to be wrapped up, so Teddy looks at him like he's a new guy, he tells her he'll pick her up at noon, and when he walks away she finally says, "okay," a little shocked but clearly pleased.

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