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Bailey is dressed in pants, looking foxy, holding a glass of wine and looking out at a gorgeous view from a gorgeous apartment in which a gorgeous man is cooking her dinner. He talks about grilling outdoors and how it doesn't really work in Seattle, but she just fiddles with her wine glass, clearly not listening, and cuts him off. She announces that she doesn't do things on a timeline just because it's the third date, and she has been out of the game for a while but still only plays by her own rules. She starts to say something about his expectations but he cuts her off to ask if she's giving him a lecture. He's good-natured but he's also serious, and she is stunned and finally tells him no. He points out that he thinks that she is, and that she does that because people are scared of her and don't want to interrupt her once she's going, but he's not scared of her so a lecture won't work. The whole time he's telling her this he's still puttering around working on the food and looking as HOT AS THE SUN. Holy hot doctors, Batman! Bailey is shocked into silence, so he tells her not to worry, that she can ask a question, he'll answer it, and then it's her turn again. He then gives her a bright smile and tells her to go ahead.

Stuttering, she finally asks if he thought they were going to have sex tonight. She tries to go on and shoot down the idea but he stops her and says that he will answer, and while this is obviously incredibly hard for her she's also clearly charmed. He tells her that he wasn't assuming because he isn't looking for something trashy and thinks that the third date is a little early. He then asks what she thinks, and she agrees, still not able to fully compose herself. She then asks if she can make a statement rather than ask a question and he tells her it's fine, so nervously she admits with downcast eyes that she's only ever had sex with her ex. He guesses this means she doesn't take sex lightly, and she agrees. Wow, I think that officially makes her the only employee of that hospital that feels that way. He then says that he doesn't take it lightly either, so I guess that's two employees. He then asks her what else and she manages to finally ask when he thinks the right time will be. He hopes they will know it when they see it, and then adds that he hopes it's between dates eight and twelve. Bailey asks if he's concerned they might end up just friends, but he walks up to her and asks if that's what she is looking for, and when she says no he says he isn't either. He takes a sip of wine, having moved to within a few inches from her face, tells her he already has friends, and then leans in to kiss her. She leans right back, clearly comfortable that this is the time for sexy make-out fun, and Mere VOs, "They take pictures of mountain climbers at the top of the mountain. They are smiling, ecstatic, triumphant."

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